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UK Ministry of Defence finds modern shooters more realistic than its sims (Joystiq)

Dec 29th 2011 11:12PM @Xero Theory

I understand what they're saying. They don't want firearms to shoot straight like a laser for miles, but it came out poorly.

What I am saying is that some standard rifle rounds (30.06 Springfield) can easily travel 3 miles, even if not in a straight, flat line.

Most games today mimic bullet drop fairly realistically. Modern Warfare maps are close enough that battlefield zeroed rifles wouldn't really be effected. You wouldn't necessarily even need a sniper rifle for most of the distances in real life. Battlefield 3 has larger maps, so the drop is needed and works pretty well.

UK Ministry of Defence finds modern shooters more realistic than its sims (Joystiq)

Dec 29th 2011 8:43PM "The weapons need to be credible. If they fire a rifle and the bullet travels three and a half miles, then that is not right."

Someone needs to learn about ballistics.
Just recently someone was killed by a muzzle loader round that was fired into the air 1.5 miles away.

Max Payne would like to offer you a ticket to the gun show (Joystiq)

Dec 7th 2011 12:40AM As a gun geek I have to point out that he's holding the Mini Uzi the wrong way... You think someone with such a history of shooting would know better!

Minecraft's 'MineCon' convention set for November 18 - 19 in Vegas (Joystiq)

Aug 3rd 2011 3:24PM I hope everyone makes it...sssssafe...

Dirt 3 to feature $10 Online Pass for used purchases (Joystiq)

May 23rd 2011 7:43PM @jasev01 I misread the article and thought if you bought it new you would have to pay the "normal" price of $60-ish plus $10 to play online.

There still is the issue of this effecting rentals. There are a few games that I can't afford to buy new but don't want to wait to buy it when the price comes down, like homefront (I rarely buy used, unless it's years old and I can't find it new).

It's the companies decision in the end, and they can do whatever they want.

Dirt 3 to feature $10 Online Pass for used purchases (Joystiq)

May 23rd 2011 6:34PM I wouldn't mind paying $10 for multiplayer if they made the game $10 cheaper. Games are expensive enough as is.

The Tunnel will be the first movie simultaneously released on BitTorrent and DVD (Download Squad)

Mar 18th 2011 9:46PM Why not just wait a week and get the whole DVD rip for free?

Sega Rally Online Arcade preview: Something old, something kinda new (Joystiq)

Mar 2nd 2011 4:48PM I hated Sega Rally Revo, but I went into it thinking it would be more like DiRT rather than an arcadey type game...

Mojang crafting official iPhone/iPad Minecraft release [update: Android too!] (Joystiq)

Feb 21st 2011 12:01PM If they can get it to run on an iphone/ipod, I'd hope that they could optimize it for PC so I could run it on my netbook...

Moto Racer 3 pops a totally sweet wheelie onto GOG (Joystiq)

Jan 5th 2011 3:47AM @Lance001 YES! Moto Racer and Moto Racer 2 were favorites when I was younger. I spent countless hours trying to find someone to play online with. When I finally did, they generally cheated... :(