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Comcast shuts down Winer (Download Squad)

Apr 17th 2008 4:13AM Comcast, like any other ISP has a TOS which will loosely states that they can do most anything once they post it on their website. Most users don't take the time to read the TOS or they would know that Comcast has had the following posted since Jan, 2008 and had revised the TOS prior to that on P2P File sharing. Please read the following or go to their website @ http://www.comcast.net/terms/use/ to read how they have covered their arse.

Technical restrictions:
use or run dedicated, stand-alone equipment or servers from the Premises that provide network content or any other services to anyone outside of your Premises local area network ("Premises LAN"), also commonly referred to as public services or servers. Examples of prohibited equipment and servers include, but are not limited to, e-mail, Web hosting, file sharing, and proxy services and servers;

It does suck for the Power Users to be told that your ISP can and will flip off your data switch but they can and Government will back them because of the PACs they support, most people forget that cable companies started because people wanted commercial free TV, but look at TV today, more commercials then shows and most of the shows that are on are repeated dozens of times on different channels. So you see we are actually lucky they haven't made the net ad sponsered yet like TV or you'd never get anything downloaded because of the traffic.