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Greg Skluzacek

Member since: Apr 6th, 2008

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Comcast shuts down Winer (Download Squad)

Apr 16th 2008 10:28PM Christina,

Great article! Of course ISP need to balance the needs of their customers with their need to make money. But they do need to have some kind of defined process to alert the customer that they exceeding 'fair use' in writing preferable and have well defined terms of what the threshold is that exceeds fair use.

By the way, do they know who Dave Winer is... This could get them a lot of bad publicity if Dave decided to really push the issue.

Again great post.
-- Greg Skluzacek

My 5,000 Facebook friend: what does it all mean? Where has the time gone? (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Apr 6th 2008 12:37AM Regarding #1... We can post something and put it in front of dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people for their feedback. Its totally true.

I find Twitter fascinating. I learn a lot from the links people post, from sites that I probably would have never have went to on my own.

Regarding #2... We can ask a question and get instant advice without ever picking up the phone or going out for a drink.

Lucky you... Sadly I cannot say the same. I just started using Twitter but know one else I know does nor are they interested. :-( But amazingly enough 4 people (Jason you're one of them) are following me. 2 of whom I've never heard of, weird. Now if I could just get some one to comment, let alone advice :-) I've even asked for advice and didn't even get one response. Aww Shucks!