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'Glee' Season 2, Episode 10 Recap (AOL TV)

Dec 8th 2010 2:04AM While I think this episode was one of the better ones this season, I would agree with your review. But I think your conclusion is really an over-arching theme for this entire second season: "Caricatures"
Ever since the first episode of this second season, most of the characters have became caricatures of themselves. It's ridiculous:
- Rachel is no longer just vain,.. but vain, self-righteous, self-entitled, and bitchy.
- Sue is outrageously mean and evil, but predictably nice by the end of the show.
- Brittany is not just cute with her cute/ignorant one-liners, she's outright dumb/slow/stupid. (Not to mention perpetuating the blond stereotype)

... and what about all of the special guest stars?!
This isn't Saturday Night Live. They don't need to feature a special guest every, single, episode.

Sorry,.. I've just been feeling a growing sense of frustration with Glee. As much as I love it and see how much potential it has, it just seems to have gotten so full of itself for the second season. I'll get off my soapbox now.

'Glee' Christmas: Watch Chris Colfer & Darren Criss Duet, Lea Michele be Adorable (AOL TV)

Dec 4th 2010 1:58AM How do I say this tactfully,...
I'm not a fan of Glee's "Baby it's Cold Outside". Do I think it's sung well? Yes, but I really don't like the fact that they chose to do this particular song with Curt and Blaine. Now I don't want anyone to think that I'm homophobic or anything,.. quite the contrary. I like the dynamic (and the casting for that matter)that they've created with Curt and Blaine. I guess I'm just a traditionalist, but this song just shouldn't be messed with.

Three LimeWire alternatives for easy peer-to-peer downloading (Download Squad)

Nov 1st 2010 8:33PM So,.. it may have just been me, but ever since the demise of (the original) Napster, I was under the impression that Limewire, Bearshare, and all the other P2P network clients out there were worthless because of the overwhelming amount of virus-riddled, poor quality, and fake songs that were out in the collective repository. It's pretty much for this reason alone that I moved from those type of P2P sites to torrents. Now I understand that torrents don't work in the same way, but if Frostwire and the others mentioned above aren't as corrupt as I remember, I may be more inclined to recommend them to my friends.

Anyone care to comment?

Apple plans software fix for iPhone 4 reception problems (Download Squad)

Jun 28th 2010 1:57AM ... And this is why I didn't get in line for the first release.

Up to 20% of Android apps could be spyware (Download Squad)

Jun 24th 2010 11:22PM I have to admit, this article really makes me shake my head.

Sebastian, you openly admit that you are "being sensational", and you're ok with how that makes you look? Based on some of your other work, I had become a fan, but this,.. this just makes you look like an ass.

Yes, any number of Android apps could be malicious (despite Google safeguards), but the same can be said for any number of things. NEWSFLASH: Up to 80% of torrents could be malware/fake. Hell,.. even the almighty Apple let's some questionable apps get through their rigorous screening process. And guess what,.. they get removed.

Seriously, how about some restraint (or at least some critical thinking) in your next article.

Yes, Men Can Like 'The Bachelorette,' Too (AOL TV)

Jun 14th 2010 9:33PM No. No they cannot.

'American Idol' - 'Finale Results' Recap (Season Finale) (AOL TV)

May 27th 2010 1:40AM Crystal certainly deserved to win, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm glad she didn't. This way she won't be confined to an idol contract. I mean,.. look what they did to her for the middle performanace on Tuesday. Making her sing, while wearing high heels, while coming down a staircase. Common,.. this is an artist that likes to sing standing barefoot on a carpet. That must have been torture. Now think about what they would have done to her if she had to sing 'their' songs for 'their' album if she was 'their' idol. In any case, she was the clear winner,.. no matter what Idol says.

Tabjacking: a new and ingenious phishing attack (Download Squad)

May 26th 2010 1:40AM I'm with Brian,.. I'm really surprised that this isn't an advertisement for NoScript. Why not mention the rather obvious add-on?

'American Idol' - 'Four Finalists Compete' Recap (AOL TV)

May 12th 2010 2:12PM OK,.. I just watched it again, and NOWHERE did Crystal say that the judges were unfair. The closest thing that was said even remotely like this was when Ryan was interviewing her before her performance.

Ryan: "Do you think the judges have been a little tougher on you in the last couple of weeks?"
Crystal: "Um,.. yeah,.. but that's ok, I'm alright..."

Might want to listen a little more closely next time.

'American Idol' - 'Four Finalists Compete' Recap (AOL TV)

May 12th 2010 2:03PM Seriously!?! You thought Lee's solo performance was good and that "he did a great job of it"? What kind of meds are you on? I was so surprised by this comment I went back and listened to it again, this time with my eyes closed and I felt myself wincing through most of it. I don't understand how anyone could legitimately say that was a "good" performance. Now,.. with that said, I think Lee does have a good tone to his voice in general, but he cuts notes off too early, has pitch problems, and tends to swallow some of the words. He did sound better in the duet w/Crystal, but she also supported him and filled in his weak spots.