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ActualDoc: Replace the Recent Documents feature in Windows (Download Squad)

Mar 28th 2008 7:23AM Yep, totally disagree with mjhinton. The "Recent" folder is a crazy mismash of obscure files/folders, and folder names have no path etc etc. ActualDoc (which I just loaded the free standard version of), does what Windows should have introduced back in '98 (still waiting, but hey, Vista looks nice so who wants functionality?). I can tell it what file types I want stored in my ActualDoc recent list (doc, xls, txt, no zips or obscure files some programme has decided it needs to access etc etc), filtering is easy, just click on a file type, which you may or may not need given than you've excluded most of the noise.

Sorry mjhinton, use before you criticise, otherwise you reduce the peace. ActualDoc Standard is free and better than Recent.