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The beta and Battlefield 3 (Joystiq)

Oct 10th 2011 10:27PM Skimming through the reader comments here are pretty funny, and shows none of them actually have software or game development experience. I have worked on dev teams, and when we were planning to release a demo or beta, you take a pretty solid build that had been vetted in house, package it up with an installer and stuff, and release it. All that takes time to do while development of the actual program/game is still going on. When we were burning the midnight oil and fixing things quickly, the build that got released might have been 2 builds older than the newest we had in house being tested.

And that was with teams of only about 20 people max. I can't imagine how much harder it would be with hundreds working on a project.

Can we please cut back on the whining and crying till we get a final product and the always required release patches. Both BF2 and BC2 needed a bit of patching before they became the great games they are.

Battlefield 3 deploys 'Dog Tag' pack for Amazon pre-orders (Joystiq)

Oct 3rd 2011 5:16PM @aroGADGET

They did use Caspian Border. I played it some Thursday night. It did seem to have a lot of bugs, and it isn't up for playing anymore. Was crazy seeing the choppers and planes flying around.

Aquaria coming to iPad this fall (Joystiq)

Sep 28th 2011 8:26AM @Esposch

I was just about to post the same thing! I don't own an iPad, but watching this almost makes me consider getting one. When the game first came out I tried the demo and at first thought hey, great gfx., but it is just an underwater fairy game. Then I started realizing how deep the game was, and bought the full version. I can't believe how much I was missing great game like Zelda was when it first released, and how there really aren't any games of that quality out today. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to play BF3, but it won't pull you in like Aquaria.

It is worth every penny, and if I do end up getting an iPad at some point, this will be the first game I buy.

Detroit 2011: Jeep Wrangler Call of Duty: Black Ops Edition set for major pwnage (Autoblog)

Jan 12th 2011 1:58PM I would much rather have the Jeep pickup concept posted about yesterday.

Marchionne: Jeep is finally getting a pickup... kinda (Autoblog)

Jan 11th 2011 1:40PM With Ford getting rid of the Ranger, this may be a good replacement in the small pickup market. I hope they build it. And I still really like the Gladiator concept pictured above. I would buy that exact one.

Detroit 2011: Honda Civic Coupe and Sedan Concepts are visions of a compact future (Autoblog)

Jan 10th 2011 4:07PM We recently considered a Civic and went to test drive one. Soon as we sat inside, decided we hated the interior, and didn't even need to go for the drive. Ended up buying a Madza3 a week later.

I would like to see some shots of the new interior. We may be buying another fuel efficient small car soon if gas prices keep going up. Use it as a daily driver and keep my current truck for hauling stuff.

HelvetiNote for iPad long on looks, functionality (TUAW.com)

Jul 13th 2010 11:25AM Quick question. Are there any note apps that do handwriting recognization?

My wife said she would get an ipad if it helped her take notes in meetings easier, but she is all about hand writing her notes. After meetings she usually types them out. So if she could just write on the ipad and it do most of the converison it would save a ton of time.

What about any recorded speach to text?

First Impressions: OnLive is indeed on and live (Big Download)

Jun 19th 2010 5:57PM Some of your cons are not worth mentioning, as others said above. For instance the part about needing a 24/7 connection for even single player? Are you kidding? How many people don't have a full time connection anymore? I can't remember the last time I even met someone that was still on dialup. In fact, the 74 year old man that lives next door to me even has DSL, which is on all the time.

And your using NORTON????? Are you serious? Is today April 1st? I admit I used to use norton, about 10 years ago when I was 18 and got my first computer and it came with it pre-installed! Even then it was buggy and hated online gaming. Starting to get a bit disappointed with The Big Download here.