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Ubuntu 10.04 beta now available for download (screenshot tour) (Download Squad)

Mar 21st 2010 10:02AM You could add these videos (: :

By the way, I noticed there are some new nice backgrounds (you can see them in videos).

Opera Desktop Browser 9.5 is Final - Take your stuff with you (Download Squad)

Jun 12th 2008 2:54PM I've been using Firefox 2 for a very long time. But then I've tried Opera again and I was surprised. It was much more faster than Firefox.
I'm always examining all posibilitys. The same I did with Opera 9 and Firefox 2. Firefox 2 was very slow and non functional. To make this browser more functional I needed to install extensions, which were making the browser work more slowly. Opera was very fast (I don't say it was loading pages faster - I've been testing it and Opera 9.5 on my broadband connection worked the same speed as Firefox 3; the same was with Opera 9 and Firefox 2), stable and especially functional. There are many small functions, which you may not find in Opera when using it first time, but there are no analogs in Firefox. There are also other functions, which are good too: Speed Dial, mouse gestures (this one everybody must try!), Opera Link, full page zooming and etc. For me web browser has to be web browser and nothing else. Opera is not like a web browser which asks you do you want to use Opera mail and etc. These functions are there, but they are not in "must be enabled by default" list.Web browser for me has to be very easy to use while Firefox is not. I have to move my mouse all over my big screen to be capable of making browser stop downloading web page and etc. I can in to mouse clicks without moving mouse from any web page place go back and forward and etc. This is why I choose Opera now.

Sorry for errors made in this post - I've some problems with my eye so I can't write looking to keyboard or monitor very long time...

Fedora 9 beta Linux distro released (Download Squad)

Mar 27th 2008 10:46AM I think just for you. KDE always feeled like Windows.