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Fake pirated Walk and Text Android app embarrasses pirates and steals sensitive data (Download Squad)

Mar 31st 2011 1:28PM @Jade "Your friend STOLE the app to trial" - the reason he did isn't important. If the developer wanted a free trial version available, he would have made one. You steal you get what you get. Your friend's lawyer will tell your friend to forget about it.

Walt Mossberg promises 3G iPhone in 60 days (Engadget)

Apr 6th 2008 12:23PM It isn't that they couldn't deliver it, it is that Steve Jobs decided that having 3G in the initial model was too much of a negative on battery life given the current 3G chipsets and battery technology. The thinking was that EDGE was a good enough compromise in the interim. According to AT&T, 95 percent of iPhone owners regularly surf the web, even though 30 percent had never done so prior to iPhone ownership. And given that Apple's iPhone is already being used by 50 percent more people to browse the web than all Windows Mobile-based handsets combined, I'd say Steve made the right choice.

BlackBerry service outages keeping your weekend interesting? (Engadget)

Mar 29th 2008 1:51PM I noticed that I had a data issue early this morning around 1am (Google Maps couldn't finish populating a map). However, this morning I also notice that I was pushed a new version of Google Maps for Blackberry (version 1.6.3 -> 2.0.2). So it is sporadic. I'm on AT&T with an 8820.