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New MacBook Pro benchmarked within Boot Camp (

Dec 11th 2008 11:23AM Would you be giving this iBook away? If so, color me interested!

Apple: Psystar clones part of a larger conspiracy (

Dec 4th 2008 10:05AM Personally, I think allowing OS X to run on non-Mac hardware would be good for the economy as a whole.

It would increase competition in both hardware and For one thing it opens the door for poor user experiences due to hardware over which Apple has no control. On the other end of the spectrum we'll have more manufacturers building hardware that will be "Apple certified." This will of course cause a race to the bottom in terms of the amount of margin for a given set of hardware.

Apple is doing very well in part because of the amount of profit they have attached to the sale of each system. And for this reason Apple could suffer if they are forced to "open up" OS X.

An important question to ask is which Apple "company" is stronger, the hardware company or the software company? I envision some form of Apple certification being instituted in order for Apple to make back some of the lost margins. If Apple is willing to leverage their position in the software industry by courting other high profile PC manufacturers they could entice more people into "the fold." The end result is that Apple is making margin off of other companies hardware sales. I can't imagine them implementing this without either A) intervention from legislation that oversteps the bounds of what government should control or B) an economy in which consumers are unwilling or unable to afford luxury computer purchases.

I have no doubt that Apple is an intelligent company and they are clearly doing what is best for them (and doing a damn good job at it). My fear is that blind legislation could force Apple into a position in which they have no control over how their OS is forced into the market. I firmly believe that competition is a good thing, but when government mandates how that battle should be fought, well, that is a very bad thing.

Apple gives developers the ability to use promo codes (

Dec 2nd 2008 7:37PM Oh neat!

Devs - I can haz promo kode?


Ps, This LOLcat comment brought to you by my recent discovery of the LOLcode programming language!

The Blackberry Storm - An iPhone 'Killer'? (

Nov 25th 2008 9:36AM "______ killer" has been around for awhile - I'd get used to it rather than waste time fighting it.

Now, I'm going to play with my Zune - it's going to be the iPod killer you know...

Ps, I don't own a Zune.

The Blackberry Storm - An iPhone 'Killer'? (

Nov 25th 2008 9:33AM "iPhone killer" or not I am glad that other companies are stepping up to the plate and trying to compete. I think if we look back to a year and a half ago at the competitive landscape of the cell phone market we would all admit that Apple provided exactly what was needed. The sad part is that some of the great giants of mobile computing from just 5 or 10 years ago are fairly absent on the field - I'm looking at you Palm...

Apple TV update 2.3 released (

Nov 20th 2008 9:18AM Probably because you are using optical out which passes bits instead of an analog signal. These bits are then decoded by your receiver into an analog signal. If you want volume control from the Apple remote you will have to send an analog signal rather than a digital one. Alternatively you could continue to use your receiver which is in all likelihood a much better audio processor than the Apple TV.

New MacBook Pro benchmarked within Boot Camp (

Nov 19th 2008 10:40AM Mike, if you decide to unload your G4 call me.

Prototype MacBook Air found on eBay (

Nov 19th 2008 10:02AM I award you +100 internets. Congratulations.

LED Cinema Displays now available (

Nov 18th 2008 11:43AM What I would give for an adapter that would turn my DVI into a Mini DisplayPort!

Officially Official: 2010 Ford Mustang! (Autoblog)

Nov 17th 2008 11:53PM I like it, I just can't stop thinking 2009 Dodge Ram...

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