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Story Behind The Prop Newspaper That Won't Go Away (Cinematical)

Jun 10th 2010 9:20PM Ah that should be "not" miss their cue. Damn typing on iPhone!

Story Behind The Prop Newspaper That Won't Go Away (Cinematical)

Jun 10th 2010 9:18PM I don't know if this is true of this prop paper but I remember John larraquette (sp?) from Night Court doing an interview and talking about how their prop newspapers would have camera ready Headlines but the text would be Latin so as an actor
you would start reading it and miss your cue. Obviously anything shown to the camera would be hero, just the side facing the actor.

Why Internet Explorer 8 might not pass the Acid2 test (Download Squad)

Mar 10th 2008 11:23PM The comment about "teaching to the test" isn't new for Microsoft. Way back when Word 6.0 was new (and I was an MS employee), one of the demonstrations of Word 6 was its WordPerfect importing capability and how "accurate" the imported document was compared to the original WP copy. WP came with this standard "demo document" at the time and we would import that document and it would be perfect in Word.. but an engineer told me that Word "recognized" the document in question was this standard test document for WP and there was "extra code" in the Word program to make sure it showed correctly. Results with your own WP documents, however, may not have been quite as accurate.

Ugly Betty: Betty's Wait Problem (AOL TV)

Oct 12th 2007 11:11PM Why is Betty taking a writing class? Didn't this whole series start with her graduated from college with a journalism degree? Workshop, maybe, or writing group, but they made it seem like she'd never had any formal training and was starting school all over again.

What can possibly be HD about radio? (Engadget HD)

Apr 15th 2006 3:20PM Shortly after CDs started coming out in the early 80's, there was a company that released cassette tape blanks labeled as "CD Cassettes", which were supposed to be "Cassette tapes with the dynamic range of CDs"... there will always be unscrupulous companies preying on nieve consumers. As Audiophile magazine put it at the time, "What's next..? 'CD Vinyl??'"

MovieBeam: who wants it? (Engadget HD)

Feb 16th 2006 12:39PM I actually wrote to the MovieBeam people about the phone line. Here's my letter to them and their response.

My Letter
Question: You have a new toy. This new toy will be first bought by early
adopters, those techie of kind of people who first bought Tivo and
DirecTV and digital cable and whatever else. These same people are also
the people who have given up their landline and just have a cellphone
because why pay for that extra line you never need? They do have a cable
modem for Internet, but no landline.

So why make your device require a landline? Why not put an RJ45 jack in
and use DHCP and just connect over the Internet? Tivo's forums are full
of people who have had to manually modify their boxes to use the
Internet instead of a landline.

I'd love to get your product, but since the only two people in my house
have cell phones and we have no landline, we can't use your product. If
it had WiFi or RJ-45, no problem... but I'm not going to get a landline
installed and pay another 26 bucks a month just to have it available for
a once-a-month phone call from your product.


Their Response
Your specific question was as follows:

Why does it require a phone line and not any other forms of dialing in?

The MovieBeam player was designed to hookup to your landline only.
During the setup process, the player must call out in order to
initialize your account. Thereafter, it connects to MovieBeam by phone
in order to keep your account current. If you leave your player
connected to a phone line at all times, you will not have to bother with
it -- it will call in as necessary without interrupting your telephone
service or your movie-viewing. At the very least, your player must
connect with MovieBeam by phone at least once every 2 weeks or $28 of
movie-viewing charges, whichever comes first. You do not have to give us
any landline number; you can have your player dial in anywhere. I hope
this information has helped you. If you'd like we can add you to a
contact list to keep you updated on the latest developments.

You will notice that the player has a variety of hookups that are not
currently in use but are there for when the software has been developed;
Ethernet is one of these connections.

Thank you again for taking time to let us know how you feel about
MovieBeam. We welcome further comments and hope that you will always
feel free to contact us, either by email -- as you've done -- or by
calling us at 1-866-865-1500.

Disney to Buy Pixar? (

Jan 22nd 2006 9:10PM --future? Disney videos for sale via the iTunes store? Disney-branded iPods? --

Disney-branded iPods?? You mean big, stupid red plastic iPods with mouse ears that match those TVs and VCRs from Disney that Circuit City sells? I shudder....

Disney to Buy Pixar? (

Jan 22nd 2006 9:09PM >>future? Disney videos for sale via the iTunes store? Disney-branded iPods?

TUAW Macworld 06 Keynote Chatcast Extravaganza (

Jan 10th 2006 12:48PM They just took the Apple Store down (9:30 PST) for updates

DIRECTV motors local HD to Detroit (Engadget HD)

Dec 5th 2005 5:47PM Does anyone know -- is this flavor of Mpeg4 using H.264 (which is Mpeg4 part 10 I think??) or another variation?