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Microsoft: Yep, we teach Best Buy to trash Linux (DailyFinance)

Sep 9th 2009 6:55PM Having learned and used Linux and BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution), both very fast parallel processing forms of Unix, since 1997, I am quite alert to the evil that Microsoft does in discouraging the freedom of choice of all of us in a free world.

The millions of students, Pre-K through college, who are using, (and love), Linux, BSD, and Apple computing, are proof that Microsoft's rants against a true parallel processing system are just marketing hype.

These Unix clones are immune to all the million Microsoft virus/malware/mal-bots/exploits, and the Best Buy slides are simply marketing madness in the continued effort of Microsoft's FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) campaign!

A look at Microsoft's Security Exchange Commission filings, under penalty of perjury, state that Linux is their greatest challenge in the marketplace, due to it's proven competence, extensive catalog of 25,000 free applications, and the fact that it is "everywhere" Free!

I believe that without any way to know the numbers of users of Linux, and the many nation's governments who have mandated the use of Free, Open Source Linux or BSD, has awakened the "Chicken Little" of Microsoft Marketing Department to the fact that the "Sky is Falling!"

Observing the frantic panic at Microsoft Corporation, even as Microsoft runs 15,000 leased Akamai Linux servers, and over 400 internal Linux firewall routers, re-enforces my joy in their in-ability to 'eat their own dog food"!

My recommendation to everyone is to select the flavor of Linux or BSD that is most suited to their personal needs!

Boot it LIVE on any computers you intend to purchase! you'll get no objections from staff in Best Buy, or Costco, to your "'comparison shopping"!,, and offer hundreds of healthy choices, FREE to download!

Flipping the Linux switch: 5 tips every new Linux user should know (Download Squad)

Mar 23rd 2008 8:50AM So tired of the Microsoft shills trying to coerce us to be politically correct, when they are the ones who insult developing nation's attempts to provide home-based technology by using BSD and/or Linux!

Microsoft execs have sworn in court and quarterly SEC filings the power of Linux, that 25% of ALL users now run Linux, with no report on other competition, of which BSD and Mac are also substantial, with >3% growth per annum!

Better OSes, that are FREE and are free, are causing the greedy proprietary companies to respond with their attempts to compete in quality, with huge failings, to date.

Who 'owns' your data! Try opening your 1996 Excel spread sheet, or business ledger, or archived correspondence from that time, in Microsoft Office! You'll need MS products from then, which might not function in Vista!

Open Office imports all the legacy formats, and can export all modern file types! And provides the FULL SOURCE CODE!

The world outside of the USA runs Open Source software, as a matter of freedom and home grown prosperity for people everywhere.

I recommend that Vista users try Vixta. You might like to
review/DL any of the 300+ Live CDs at

SimplyMepis works for me on laptop installs, using NDISWrapper to run some wifi cards using Windows only drivers. For many of us, ~300 GNU/Linux Distros and 30+BSD OSes, are the thrill of the chase in investigation of safety, competency, and ease of use!

Some of you Earthlings seem to lack the skills to download and run a LiveCD, so don't even try it; you have no right to complain. It isn't the fault of the OS that nature didn't equip you with the ability to evolve in your thinking!