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Flipping the Linux switch: Disturbingly easy installs, now with sound and action (Download Squad)

Mar 23rd 2008 3:41AM Personally I find Ubuntu, along with Kubutu and the other distros in the Canonical series to be both highly overrated and, at times, difficult to get working on a number of fronts.

GNOME is beautifully supported in Ubuntu, KDE support and selection Kubuntu has been incomplete and half hearted to be completely honest. (I'm more comfortable with KDE than with GNOME's attitude about users and a few other aspects about the desktop so, if I was to use a Canonical distro daily it would be Kubuntu.)

And, in my experience, some things that should just work, and do in other distros, don't in Canonical stuff.

I have to admit I'm not as thrilled with Ubuntu's package repository systems as others seem to be or the software they use to interact with it. Maybe I'm just used to Mandriva and how it does things. I find it hard to interact with and hard to actually find things.

However, as has been mentioned each release of the major Linux distros gets better and better so no matter which one you use or try they do get things better as time goes by.

Mandriva's install is light years ahead of anyone elses though! :-)



Flipping the Linux switch: Disturbingly easy installs, now with sound and action (Download Squad)

Mar 23rd 2008 3:29AM Perhaps a reality check would do with your problem with finding software to do what you want.

Any well supported distro, Fedora, Ubuntu, SUSE, Mandriva, PCLinuxOS (to a lesser degree) will usually have what you're looking for in their software repositories already compiled for your system.

That's the first place to look even if you have found your first reference on a web site somewhere.

What can be annoying, though is that package names can be different than the simple name of the software so be sure to look both for the name and some description of what's in the package.

Unlike, even as recently as 4 years ago, I rarely compile from scratch anymore because my distro, Mandriva, has it in 99.99% of cases.