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Engadget iPad app now available (

Dec 15th 2010 7:12PM Still waiting on retina-display graphics for both the Engadget and TUAW app. Both have been uninstalled for this reason.

Patents aplenty: iPhone radio, fiber optic MagSafe, 3D without glasses (

Dec 3rd 2010 4:39PM The past few iPhone's have had an FM transmitter chip in them that's just not being used, so it could be in a new firmware update, rather than the next iPhone revision :).

Workers allegedly poisoned while making iPhones (

Oct 26th 2010 7:35PM This was pointed out months ago in your own comments TUAW. In the post about the yellow colouring behind the screens and then disappearing after a few days, a person familiar with the glue used said that it was yellow because the glue hadn't fully set yet, and it was also highly toxic.

Disc-free Netflix hits the PS3 next week, with 1080p and surround sound support (Download Squad)

Oct 14th 2010 11:10PM What does the current Netflix app do? (Canada)
I have a PS3 and have the Netflix application installed with the latest 3.50 firmware. I haven't used it, so I don't know what it does. But this is making me very confused and curious.

Dear Mark Zuckerberg: Where's the Facebook iPad app? (

Oct 8th 2010 10:39AM I would not be surprised in the lightest if Apple had asked Facebook not to make an iPad application, as their website runs 100% on the iPad, and Apple has advertised that.

Today only: get MacScan for free (

Sep 20th 2010 9:37AM It's not free... it's $0.01 :S.

Diaspora's "open Facebook" source code riddled with security issues (Download Squad)

Sep 17th 2010 4:11PM I can't be arsed to read that full blog post in the time I have, but from the blog post:

"We know there are security holes and bugs, and your data is not yet fully exportable. If you do find something, be sure to log it in our bugtracker, and we would love screenshots and browser info."

They know they're problems. They're looking for those problems.

In Brief: Woz' Big Bang Theory episode airs September 30th (

Aug 30th 2010 5:40PM Looking forward to this! Favourite show, favourite man!

Apple to increase frequency of pay for iOS developers (

Aug 28th 2010 4:28PM My membership ended with about $50 earned. Unfortunately (at the time) the special payout number was $150, in one specific region. Now that my membership has ended (Not renewing), is there any way to retrieve that $50, or is it Apple's now? Should be paid out...

Do you love or hate Safari 5's 'smarter' address bar? (

Aug 28th 2010 12:33PM I love the address bar. I will not use any other browser purely for the fact that Safari auto-complete's like Xcode (In like, don't have to hit down, then enter).