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New PS3 Terms of Service aim to prevent class-action lawsuits, are part of mandatory PSN update (Joystiq)

Sep 17th 2011 4:39PM I wonder if Sony just wants to be the target of all of the Anonymous type groups? I suspect that group won't take this very well either. Not saying that is a good thing, I just don't think Sony is going for the "we want to be liked" award.

On the other hand, I think we CAN blame Sony for having crappy security measures, and most important for having some really sensitive data stored with little or no encryption on their system.

While I agree the black hats have no right to hack a corporation, it is in the best interest of the corporations to use best practices to avoid exposing customer data. To do otherwise is a statement about how seriously these companies take our privacy.

Meaning, not at all.

Publishers' choice: Will the iPad be the hero or villain of the comic book industry? (

May 8th 2011 1:44PM Well thought out article and very timely. I've struggled with this issue for quite some time, but I am an adult making enough money that I have not pirated any comic books to date. Still I get frustrated with the way publishers are handling this problem.

Marvel got off to a pretty unique start when it started publishing all of the back issues to it's biggest titles in PDF format on CD and DVD at prices that were frankly incredibly affordable. We're talking 40 years of comics for as little as a buck a year. Still the pirates turned this against Marvel as none of the material was protected other than a watermark and that was easily circumvented. I suspect these excellent renderings are still used today for the bulk of what is available in torrents.

I can confirm your statements about pricing, however. DC recently made the entire '52' series as well as several other related story lines available for $.99/issue in the iPad app store. It was a four day deal and I quickly gobbled up the issues as it was 50% off the regular $1.99/issue these sell for regularly. As a fan of this controversial series this was one of the best deals I've seen in awhile.

But I think you missed one of the biggest issues in this debate: Apple. Right now they take 30% off of all purchases through the AppStore, unless the publisher can work a better deal. So at $.99 I suspect DC is really losing money, but it is a great way to get people to try out the Comic App. Whether it is a comic shop or an online distributor like Apple, their is always going to be a middle man eating at the publisher's profits.

iPhone apps that beat Apple's default apps (

Apr 21st 2011 1:26PM I tried iCab mobile, and switched to Atomic Web Browser shortly after. It has more features and quite a bit more customization that iCab, IHMO.

iOS 4.2 for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch ready for download (

Nov 22nd 2010 8:20PM It appears Backup will take 48 or more hours. How can I update without the buggy backup having to run? Apple really needs to fix that mess.

You can't buy me love, but you can buy the Beatles on iTunes (

Nov 16th 2010 12:20PM Fairly funny how many people thought this was not the announcement. For SJ this has been a hotly anticipated event, one of his (and an entire generations) favorite bands NOT on iTunes has been killing him.

For people who like Rock music, for people who are more than 30 years old and for people who didn't want to rip the CD collection to iTunes, this is the day they will never forget. For the rest of you it is just another day.

TUAW TV Live: The Apple event aftershow with Steve and Mike (

Sep 1st 2010 5:21PM I was very disappointed by the demonstration of multi-tasking on the iPad. Music plays in the background? Ya, it does that already.

I think the dirty little secret is that the iPad has insufficient memory for good multitasking and it will really show when we get it.

Did you catch that? Event livestream is Mac and iOS only (

Sep 1st 2010 12:48PM Let me see if I get this straight, an "open standard," that only works on Apple products. This is typical of Microso... Err Apple.

Posted from my iPad 64GB WiFi

Eleven states issue support for California game law (Joystiq)

Jul 20th 2010 9:44PM Geez, next thing you know they will make it illegal for minors to buy cigarettes, alcohol and handguns.

Oh wait...

A Kafkaesque announcement of an Apple keynote the week of September 7th (

Aug 15th 2009 3:09AM Have to agree, with the Beatles releasing the complete remastered catalog on 9/9/09, and word that they would release to digital music stores when the catalog is re-released this is very likely the big Apple joins Apple event many of us have been waiting for.

Found Footage: Why we use a Mac (

Jul 28th 2009 3:27PM I would use a mac, but my Mac Mini locks up every day or so. Obviousy not enough memory running with Leopard.