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Recent Comments: Dropbox viewer offers slick galleries, and adds commenting (Download Squad)

Mar 22nd 2011 6:17PM > Dropbox only natively displays photo galleries for your Photos folder.

Nope. Navigate to the desired folder and 'Get Sharable Link'. That'll default to the gallery view if the folder contains only pictures, regardless of where it's located in your Dropbox.

Microsoft Office Web Apps now available everywhere (Download Squad)

Mar 10th 2011 6:53AM I was going to try this out and make a snarky comment when it didn't work in Opera+Linux, but it worked! Totally didn't expect that.

Linux Mint 10 KDE released; Mint 11 based on Ubuntu 11.04, but no Unity (Download Squad)

Feb 23rd 2011 5:06PM There's nothing that mint adds to this that you can't do in kubuntu by installing kubuntu-restricted-extras

Flight challenges you to fly a paper airplane to London (Download Squad)

Feb 8th 2011 9:36PM The whole, right-click trick works with this game.

Google Chrome for Mac getting confirm to quit option (Download Squad)

Nov 4th 2010 1:23AM Did we notice Verbatim Instant showing up into about:flags too? I find that nicer than normal instant.

Chrome Toolbox adds quick launch hotkeys, tab tweaks, and more to Google Chrome (Download Squad)

Nov 3rd 2010 8:41PM I got all excited for this extension, and then I saw that. :(

15+ Google Chrome extensions for better privacy control (Download Squad)

Nov 1st 2010 7:59PM No KB SSL Enforcer? That forces ssl on any website you go to, if it supports it.

Chromium bumped to version 8 (Download Squad)

Oct 10th 2010 8:20PM I actually have less labs in about:labs now. Yay linux users!