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Recent Comments: Dropbox viewer offers slick galleries, and adds commenting (Download Squad)

Mar 23rd 2011 7:24AM To use, you have to give them your dropbox ID and password. That is a deal-killer; as far as I am concerned.

Mozilla flips email the (Thunder)bird, releases v3 (Download Squad)

Dec 9th 2009 7:02AM Nice upgrade!

However ... the following extensions are not compatible with TBird 3.0 (yet):

(1) Lightning Calendar extension
(2) Provider for google calendar
(3) Contacts sidebar

I am disappointed that Mozilla decided to release TBird 3 before Lightning was ready.

Symantec's Hall says free antivirus is for chumps (Download Squad)

Jul 4th 2009 12:13PM If you do your homework, you can find FREE software tools to build your own solid layered protection system (Antivirus, Anti-spyware, Firewall, HIPS, Sandbox). There are so many great options out there.

Save the $$ - and take yourself and sweetheart out for dinner instead.

Free GFI Backup Home offers powerful-yet-simple backup and sync (Download Squad)

Jul 2nd 2009 12:54PM GFI reviews are popping up all over the techie sites. It's either really special software, or it simply has a very aggressive PR campaign behind it.

I might take a closer look at GFI when it offers a reliable method to backup to my Amazon S3 accounts.

Beta testing begins for UbuntuOne, but I'll stick with DropBox (Download Squad)

May 12th 2009 8:18PM A lot of linux users also have a Windows machine - and dropbox is a wonderful tool that can keep files in sync between the OS's.

UbuntuOne seems to be focused on syncronizing ubuntu machines only. I'll pass - the winner in this market will be the player who offers the greatest flexibility for the price.

Linux breaks 1% on the desktop, Internet Explorer continues to slide (Download Squad)

May 1st 2009 4:10PM I also love LINUX - but after all these years, achieving a 1% market share is pretty lame, and not deserving of a standing ovation.

It's cool that there are literally hundreds of distros, and GNOME vs KDE vs Whatever. Unfortunately, this smorgasbord approach doesn't seem to attract a wide audience when you add it all up - even when in most cases, the price is $0 or close to it.

Nice software, not-so-great business model.

HP Upline file backup service goes Offline (Download Squad)

Feb 27th 2009 3:44PM The storage / sync space has way many competitors - and the internet gorilla (google) is rumored to be coming.

There's gonna be a messy war, and maybe HP is wise to get out before this bubble bursts, and the real hemorrhaging starts. HP's mission is to be #1 or #2 in each category it competes in, and it wasn't gonna happen in this business.

Brad's favorite apps worth paying for: Carbonite (Download Squad)

Oct 14th 2008 10:17AM Brad :

You're 100% correct ! - and I mis-read the new rate chart. My apologies to all.

However, I still think it is prudent for those with low volume / low frequency backup needs to compare the total cost of buying S3 space directly from Amazon vs. from Re-Sellers.

Brad's favorite apps worth paying for: Carbonite (Download Squad)

Oct 14th 2008 10:08AM Here's a link to Amazon's November 1st rates. 15 cents for 50 TB, and then it gets even lower for more storage. Check for yourself:

Of course there are additional charges for Transfers and Put/Post requests - but for the typical home user who simply wants to maintain backups of important files (monthly, daily) from his hard drive, these additional costs are tiny.

Brad's favorite apps worth paying for: Carbonite (Download Squad)

Oct 14th 2008 9:31AM Many of the online backup and sync companies are re-packaging and RE-SELLING Amazon's S3 storage at hefty markups.

If you buy your storage DIRECTLY from Amazon, you can get up to 50 TB (yes, terabytes !!) for 15 cents per month, based on their recently announced rates (eff. Nov. 1).

Does $1.80 per YEAR interest anyone?

You'll need a front-end software package to access S3 and schedule backups. Jungledisk is an excellent paid option, but if you search the web, there are also free software solutions out there.