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Ask TUAW Video Edition: VPN services (

May 4th 2011 9:31PM I agree with DCdude and Nancy. I've used witopia since 2005 and they are rock solid. great pricing, more countries you can access through, and I can use PPTP (actually IS encrypted..not just a tunnel), L2TP, and Cisco IPSEC (my favorite...seems faster) on my iPad and iPhone and also use openVPN on my MacBook Pro and iMac (although you can use others too, I like openVPN as I feel it is a better VPN). as nancy mentioned, they have a combo offer for 70 dollars a year or you can choose a lower cost one. no monthly pricing that i can see but i've never had a problem and appreciate the bargain. support is miraculously done live by actual witopia employees and not outsourced. I've heard good things about strongvpn too (i don't know overplay) but witopia has never let me down and i like to stick with what works. launches anonymizer tool (Download Squad)

Mar 2nd 2008 2:16PM Anonymizer is just a proxy though right? Proxies are limited and tend to be sloooooow. I'd use a VPN. Mostly, because they encrypt everything, not just web browsing. and PersonalVPN are some of the veterans in this emerging market. No matter what, you better use something!