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Sony reveals choice of free game downloads as part of PSN 'Welcome Back' program (Joystiq)

May 18th 2011 12:18PM @eat it

In that case just give us infamous 2.. and some other yet to be released games. Being loyal doesn't mean we like being screwed. We are already paying the premium on consoles, games and selection. They screwed up horribly whether you speak in PR notification to customers, the way they have implemented the password reset or the way they handled the hack. Any big enterprise would have had a disaster recovery plan. The mere fact that they had to rebuild security from the ground up again and the fact they didn't have a CISO just shows how much Sony care about the customer.

It almost like sony said hey guys, sorry to have creating a scenario for possible identity theft because we didn't have a solid core or someone leading the Information security initiative. But hey here is two games and some trials which are essentially a shameless coupon plug for our services. Continue to support us even though we have a really messed up and have a history of messing up and screwing you guys for an extra buck.

Thank Sony.

If your still angry umm... maybe it was anonymous or something. Maybe we were just meant to be hacked too. In either case we weren't prepared, it happened take your two games and our coupon. I expect a check in the mail soon.

Don't you remember the DRM rootkits? The racial advertising? They have done it multiple times and its starting to piss me off. I hate their smug attitude its almost like the South Park BP commercials when they say I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Screw you guys. If they didn't make good products, if I wasn't so vested in PS3, I would have gotten an Xbox during the outage.

Sony reveals choice of free game downloads as part of PSN 'Welcome Back' program (Joystiq)

May 18th 2011 12:05PM @eat it Like the person above me, I feel screwed. I own all the games. So what could Sony have done to help out the truly enthusiastic gamer? You know that same gamer who was at the door when PS3 game out and paid $600 in full. How about Infamous 2 for starters. Sony Owns publishing rights to that game and its hotly anticipated game. How about Rachet and Clank? or anything else in there wide portfolio. I doubt they own just these five games and I'm sure they have plenty down the pipeline. Sony is really starting to piss me off. Especially after that article that was released in Engadget that stated the way how they are addressing the password resets.

Intel buys McAfee for nearly $8 billion (Download Squad)

Aug 19th 2010 9:42AM Now this is news! I'm glad I'm still reading downloadsquad. =)

Got an Android phone? Check out AppBrain's new 'push' installer (Download Squad)

Jul 8th 2010 9:59AM Silly question, but what app do i use to scan the QR codes that take me to the download?

Escaping the corporate or educational firewall, or 'how to play FarmVille from work' (Download Squad)

Jul 1st 2010 2:48PM Blocked and Blocked

1,2. Websense or BlueCoat Reverse Proxy
3. Faronic Anti-Executable
4. Can't reproduce it.... Possibly due to 1,2 or 5
5. Firewall rules filtering non-standard traffic including remote RDP.

Here's a perfect example of why Windows Update's forced reboots suck (Download Squad)

Jun 24th 2010 2:15PM Everyone is missing the point. The point of the article is not how to get rid of it. The author is clearly aware of this. The point of this article is that from a usability stand point, windows should not restart when it feels like and it should give users a clear option. In short it should just work without interfering with your work. Thus the author point to correct the issue, which i throughly agree as I was transfering 120 gigs over ethernet from pc to pc only to come back in the morning to see that bloody "windows has successfully updated your computer" balloon tip in the right hand corner

>=( Am I write Matt?

Five great Android apps for IT admins (Download Squad)

Mar 31st 2010 4:29PM :) Finally something i could use at my work place and one more thing to push my favor towards android. Yet i was wondering have you ever messed with other phones for managing things in IT? It would be nice to see a comparison of all the major smartphone OS and what they offer IT.

Just a suggestion.

Hexxeh updates Chrome OS build, now more kick-ass than ever (Download Squad)

Feb 17th 2010 10:45AM I don't post, often, but I'd like to thank you for some interesting articles. Keep up the good work Lee :)

8 years late: Microsoft finally pushes users to upgrade from IE6 (Download Squad)

Dec 1st 2009 9:52AM I would totally agree with you , with one minor caveat. A browser does matter when virals like CodeRed are loose. Or when a website is hacked and has been repurposed to ship malware et .. someone like downloadsquad is hacked to send malware and i visit their site. In the case of a website that exploits older browsers (whom have long ended support cycle) they are more vulnerable. So yes having a newer up to date browser matters, but as you mentioned.... it is rare and in between to get infected when you browse the web with caution.