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Video: AAA tests texting drivers on closed course (Autoblog)

Feb 1st 2011 2:49PM Pfft. Doing anything except focusing 100% on driving will impair your performance in that type of driving environment. I'd like to see them put texting up against talking on the phone, dealing with a screaming child, changing songs on an iPod, drinking a soft drink, eating a burger, putting on makeup, or any of the multitude of things people do behind the wheel.

It's not the's the poor judgement of when and when not to engage in said distraction. I have zero problem with people firing off a quick text or glancing at e-mail when they're stuck at a light, or completely stopped traffic. But if you're trying to text while negotiating a twisty road, or making a left turn across a busy street, etc, yeah don't do that, obviously.

Chrysler's Marchionne says only one minivan per brand, C-Max competitor coming (Autoblog)

Jan 11th 2011 3:28PM WTF is up with that picture?

Because when I see a Dodge Caravan, I immediately associate it with a B-25 Mitchell...

Honda Fit Shuttle wagon revealed in leaked brochure? (Autoblog)

Jan 11th 2011 11:02AM Fit Shuttle?!?

Yeah, NOBODY is going to trip over that and pronounce it all wrong...

Mini Cooper reportedly under investigation by NHTSA over power steering failures (Autoblog)

Sep 29th 2010 1:15PM First, I'm extremely proud that Mini owners are an engaged and attentive enough lot to maintain control of their vehicles when something unexpected happens. It's refreshing to see people not panic and die in these situations.

Second, as others have said it's a well-known issue within the Mini community. Guess the NHTSA just finally got around to it?

Third, it's common on the '02-'06. A bit disingenuous to toss up the current R56?

Review: 2010 Toyota Tacoma 4x2 PreRunner is a troubled fish in a shrinking pond (Autoblog)

Aug 4th 2010 1:09PM Having offroaded with a few, I have a healthy respect for the pre-'05 Taco. Considering the IFS suspension, they were surprisingly nimble, sure-footed and capable.

When this current generation hit, I went to test drive one. Ugh. The suspension was pretty well tuned, but there was ZERO steering feel. I felt like I was playing Pole Position, and it made the truck drive a lot larger than it already is.

When I drove off in the Xterra I had at the time, tugging on the wheel felt like armwrestling Popeye by comparison.

Sad, because it and the 4Runner were the only Toyotas I had any affinity for...

Austin F1 track location revealed (Autoblog)

Jul 27th 2010 3:48PM I'm still in shock that there's going to be an F1 circuit twenty minutes from my house.

SE Austin's been the assumption ever since the announcement. Close to the airport, lots of open and relatively affordable land. I'd have loved to see the track built west in the beginnings of the Hill Country, with all the vistas and interesting topography that would entail, but between the cost of land, environmental concerns, and traffic flow it was never going to happen.

Mini confirms entry into 2011 World Rally Championship with Countryman (Autoblog)

Jul 27th 2010 12:12PM Just drive - I've got a pet theory about why MINI went the "SUV" route (though the Countryman strikes me more along the lines of an XC70/Outback/Allroad, but whatever):

It's all about perception. MINI trades on being small (among other things), and if they'd come out with a 4-door hatch instead of the Countryman, people would have complained about how it was just as big as a GTI and what's the point of MINI being called MINI if they're cars are the same size as the competition and on and on. The Countryman, meanwhile, is significantly smaller than its compact crossover competition, letting MINI have its cake and eat it too by creating a slightly larger vehicle it needs to expand its appeal while maintaining the "small vs. the competition" thing.

Mini dishes out more info on Countryman including complete specs (Autoblog)

Jul 14th 2010 2:05PM The way Mini's are growing? The R56 (current Cooper) is only slightly larger than the R50/53, and it's lighter, more powerful, and more efficient. The next-gen Cooper is moving to a 3-cylinder mill, and is supposedly going to be significantly lighter and more efficient than the R56. Name another mainstream car that's gotten lighter over two successive generations.

As for the's the size of a Kia Soul or a VW GTI. It's significantly smaller than pretty much any crossover on the market (save maybe the Suzuki SX4, which nobody cares about anyway).

Obviously Minis are swelling completely out of control...

Live Webcast: 2011 Land Rover LRX Evoque reveal starts... now *UPDATE (Autoblog)

Jul 1st 2010 4:09PM I miss the days when the Land Rover brand stood for rugged, offroad capable, field-fixable vehicles with such luxuries as leather seats and power windows. Nowadays it's just another poser brand for d-bags with more money than sense.

Rumormill: Mini planning larger, seven-seat Countryman? (Autoblog)

Jun 8th 2010 3:53PM And word is the next-generation Cooper/Cooper S will be lighter, slightly more powerful and way more efficient than the R56.

As long as they keep delivering the goods there, I'm willing to give them a lot of leeway.