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Verizon can almost serve GigE on existing FiOS platform, which means you'll soon be relocating (Engadget)

Aug 16th 2010 10:06PM @rmbrown09

That sir, is a fact. I have 8 mb/s myself, which is currently the fastest I have had to date. As 8 bits = 1 byte, I average 1MB/s downloads, and I am sorry to say that I am thrilled with this. (When you can calculate your download time by a 1 to 1 ratio of megabytes to seconds, its a good feeling, especially given my parents have around 1.5mb/s ish)

I'm fully aware there is way faster to be had out there, but this time friends, ignorance is bliss.

Android GPS navigation: X-wing edition (Engadget)

Aug 12th 2010 10:04AM @Lord Vader

If you are getting that itchy feeling in the back of the helmet again.. well that's not an itch, that's that disturbance in the force again.. world wide.

Droid 2 R2-D2 edition spied in the wild, ready to repair your X-wing (Engadget)

Aug 12th 2010 2:35AM @Lord Vader

Just so you are aware, the X-wing target Nav is now available. Hope you got the disaster insurance this time.....

Plastic Logic kills QUE, 'shifts focus' to second-generation ProReader (Engadget)

Aug 10th 2010 6:16PM @DaHarder

I think there are a lot of e-readers that could use a mercy killing. Honestly I've never seen anyone use anything besides a Kindle with any regularity, so I really don't get the 100 different companies that all want to make e-readers. I'll even admit that the iPad will have some success in this field, but Kinda, Sony's offerings, iPad, and maybe an actually decent Android based reader pretty much round out the category in my book.

The whole thing seriously sounds like a big flop waiting to happen.

Plastic Logic kills QUE, 'shifts focus' to second-generation ProReader (Engadget)

Aug 10th 2010 6:12PM I haven't seen that much blood on Engadget since the last Friday the 13th.... which of look, is coming right up!!!!!!!

Buffalo launches trio of affordable Wireless-N devices able to get just about anything online (Engadget)

Aug 10th 2010 4:00PM I am very curious if these are apart of their DD-WRT capable products.