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Intelligent and insightful mobile movie reviews: the Empire Movie Guide app (TUAW.com)

Dec 23rd 2009 4:59AM Ahhhh, but can you find a review for Inglourious Basterds on it?

I suspect they omitted it to avoid a restricted rating.

Are there any other movies that can't be found?

O2 announces iPhone 3G S pricing (TUAW.com)

Jun 10th 2009 4:05AM No chance. I simply can't afford to upgrade. Twice the price of the previous top level iPhone, plus I have to pay twice for my contract over the next nine months.

Nope. Sorry Apple. You and o2 have got this wrong. Exclusivity for o2 will kill sales this time around.

I'll wait for iPhone 4 and a different carrier.

New Digsby installer loaded with bloat and adverts (Download Squad)

Nov 24th 2008 5:27PM I have to say. If they're making it an option, then it's no harm. Surely it will only make the download bigger, rather than the actual running of the program. It would take a LOT more than this to make me go back to Pidgin.

Feedly - a Firefox start page on steroids (Download Squad)

Jun 19th 2008 4:44PM I've found Feedly to be a really nice start page. It's slick, and throws up stories I'm *actually* interested in.

iTunes UK adds ITV shows (TUAW.com)

Apr 23rd 2008 3:36AM ...or I could get Cold Feet for £8 for an entire series on DVD. FAIL!

SNL's Michaels defends choice of Armisen as Obama - VIDEO (AOL TV)

Feb 29th 2008 11:35AM "A white person can't do an impression of a black person." Why do these people always have to bring race into it? It's such an old fashioned racist attitude.

The suggestion of bringing in a specialist "African American" actor to play the part is just stupid.

It's a comedy show. The only thing that should matter is whether it's funny or not.

BBC broadcasting Rugby Six Nations match in 3D (Engadget)

Feb 28th 2008 12:08PM Real football...LOLing out loud. Good one!

Potential fix for an annoying MacBook Air wireless issue (TUAW.com)

Feb 25th 2008 8:44AM OOOOH! That might just fix the problem I've been having. Thanks for your efforts!