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Lee's three must-have Firefox addons (Download Squad)

May 6th 2009 12:27PM Hard to put an order on them, but my top three have to be Tab Mix Plus, Adblock Plus, and NoScript. Oh, and Taboo! Taboo is *definitely* in the top collection (I have so many tabs saved that way to work on later, I despair of ever getting to all of them). Xmarks follows close behind (I'm usually at my laptop, so I don't need to shuffle back and forth so much between browsers), along with Greasemonkey, ForecastFox, SunCult (I'm a Seventh-day Adventist, so knowing when sundown is on the weekends is a very useful thing, so I can anticipate the Sabbath coming), and a little-known extension called UnMHT (I'm not sure if it's still experimental or what)--I use it to save webpages as mht, to combine it all into one neat tidy package for saving in folders to read later. Oh yes, and DownThemAll!--can't forget that extension. Very useful for grabbing a ton of linked files at once. I also LOVE DownloadHelper--I'm always grabbing Youtube vids that way.

Time Waster - Fast140 aka "How Badly and Fastly can you type?" (Download Squad)

Apr 20th 2009 8:32PM Aww, so it's not something I can try if I don't do Twitter. Drats.

Check your online nom de plume all at once with Namechk (Download Squad)

Apr 19th 2009 1:39AM It accurately found one of the sites I had an account on, but it said Flickr was available when I have an account by that very name registered (and just checked the photostream, it's still there). So it's not entirely accurate. Slashdot also returned an error (I don't have an account there).

Web Developers: help rid the world of IE6 with a simple script (Download Squad)

Apr 18th 2009 10:05PM I stick with IE6 for a couple reasons:

1. I mainly use Firefox anyway, so I'm not really worried about security (the only pages I load in IE are ones I know are safe but need IE to work properly).
2. When I do use IE, I can't STAND the look of IE7. The buttons are UGLY! Plus, I can't stand that IE7 all of a sudden locked up how much customizability control one had over the system. With IE6 I can drag buttons around, maybe not as much in Firefox, but I have some control. With IE7 I'm stuck with THEIR configuration. And that's annoys the heck out of me. So I won't touch it if I can help it.

Windows 7 Volume mod for Windows XP (Download Squad)

Apr 18th 2009 10:01PM What if you end up with Vista or Windows 7 and prefer the look of XP? I still have Xp, probably will keep it for a long time, because I run things that probably won't work well on a newer OS, and I hate the look of Vista. I actually LIKE the look of XP best.

Adobe warns of critical vulnerability in Reader, Acrobat (Download Squad)

Mar 17th 2009 12:03PM Hehe, I didn't even install Adobe Acrobat the last time I reloaded Windows on my laptop. Foxit only!

On a similar note, some of the teachers at the school where I'm student teaching were trying to enter info into some pdf form for an evaluation. Adobe actually told them they could not save the info or anything. I opened the pdfs with Foxit and not one bit of problem. Could save, export form data, etc. So Foxit really saved the day there. Now they all have Foxit on their laptops, and though they're still using Adobe for most things, I have hopes that they will decide to switch completely since Foxit did the trick when Adobe wouldn't . . .

Adam's Favorite Windows Apps: Trillian (Download Squad)

Oct 21st 2008 9:57PM I actually LIKE Trillian the best of anything I've tried. It saves history in nice log files, which are just txt files with a different extension. I save all my chat history in txt files each day, and was doing so back when I ran MSN and Yahoo Messenger simultaneously. When I switched to Trillian, I found it a breeze that it saved them for me instead, and all I had to do was rename the log file, delete the xml, and I started fresh each day. If I want to do video/audio chats, I have Skype for that purpose--most of the time I don't have the time, nor do my friends, and Trillian is simple, smooth on the eyes (I love the light, unobtrusive blue scheme), and maximizes information space in the chat window, rather than spending an excessive amount of screen real estate on fancy schmancy themes and environments that would just drive me bonkers anyway. I'm all for efficiency and simplicity, and Trillian does that while letting me connect to all my different networks. The day another multi-IM prog can tackle my chat history and present itself visually the same way Trillian does, I might give it a shot. But I have yet to see that.

TorrentFly enters the multi-site torrent search fray (Download Squad)

Oct 12th 2008 11:39AM Agreed. I use NowTorrents all the time, and it doesn't seem to do anything different from it. Plus, NowTorrents has friendlier colors and graphics, imho.

7 Multi-Site Torrent Search Tools For the Swarthy Downloader (Download Squad)

Sep 19th 2008 11:37PM Didn't NowTorrents use to search 18 sites? Somewhere they shrunk . . . they're still my favorite, though, for a quick "is it out there" search. I search Demonoid second--for the ones I can't find on the main search, Demonoid often comes through (and there's always the forums).

Day One On Linux: What Would You Miss? (Download Squad)

Sep 19th 2008 11:30PM Filetopia. Supposedly it can be run in Wine, but every time we tried it got hung up trying to connect to the Internet (and the laptop was browsing the 'net fine), and since it's built so it automatically connects first thing (you have to turn the auto-connect off at some point), it was impossible to make work. So I'm staying with Windows for now, but I have an Ubuntu partition and would be comfortable having a Linux laptop. If I had an extra one to spare, I'd probably go with an Ubuntu laptop.