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Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex is raring to go, 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope already in the works (Engadget)

Sep 11th 2008 8:42PM @Taylor: A easier way to install packages is to type in Firefox (location bar), "apt:packagename". If you need to install more than one, use "apt:package1;apt:package2" (yeah, it's not ideal, but it's being worked on).

And if you encounter a piece of software without a deb package, I would make one myself (just Google a tutorial and there are some pieces of software that do it for you; debcreator is one), and send it back to the developer with a letter lecturing him. Sometimes, though, it might be that the piece of software is too experimental, and they don't want to promise anything.

And I couldn't agree more with crsh. To all potential users, LINUX IS NOT WINDOWS. Don't expect it to become Windows (unless Windows 7 is actually Linux disguised).

World to end Wednesday (Engadget)

Sep 8th 2008 12:38AM Hold on guys, this is just the first proton beam, not the first collision. The end of the world probably coming next month.

iriver's Mplayer ties one on (Engadget)

Aug 6th 2008 8:12AM ...mplayer? Wait, Disney's lawyers actually approved "mplayer"???!!! Oh, boy, this is going to be good.

Mojave Experiment goes live, doesn't fail to annoy (Engadget)

Jul 29th 2008 9:37AM Hmms...Maybe I should stand outside of a Circuit City and pass out free gOS Space DVDs telling everyone that it's a free version of Leopard that will work with PCs.

Hey! All you Vista users now yelling about open-mindedness! Download PCLinuxOS, gOS Space, or regular old Ubuntu, burn it on a regular old blank CD, reboot to try it without installing, THEN we'll see about open-minded!

First look at the Envy 133's instant 5-second OS (Engadget)

Jul 16th 2008 9:58AM ...The power of Linux!

If the SplashTop team put hibernation in there, it can probably come on faster than the monitor would power up! THAT would be InstantOn. Plus, you can boot into another OS without rebooting! Damn.

And the OS carved into the motherboard would also mean other things, like its ability to run without storage and immunity to malware =D. Can't wait for this become more common!

Flipping the Linux switch: Disturbingly easy installs, now with sound and action (Download Squad)

Mar 22nd 2008 1:39AM For Ubuntu you can just install ubuntu-restricted-extras for codecs (audio and DVD), Flash, Java, etc.

Run Linux apps in Windows with andLinux (Download Squad)

Feb 21st 2008 11:01PM Especially with Vista =D!