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Photosharing - comparing Flickr, Photobucket and Zooomr (Download Squad)

May 21st 2008 11:08AM Flickr Uploader resizes photos automatically. Lots of free 3rd party tools for embedding flickr (a little PHP is all it takes). Adobe PE online editor works with Flickr now.

Thanks for the comparison -- especially the chart. I'd like to see Picasa and others included. peace, mjh

AltTab Mouse Shortcut lets you toggle programs without a keyboard (Download Squad)

Feb 25th 2008 3:27PM The QuickLinks toolbar has a button for Flip 3D (the Rolodex effect - Win+Tab). If a computer can't support the 3D effect, you get the equivalent of Flip (Alt+Tab). peace, mjh

Copy and paste non-adjacent files with Piky Basket (Download Squad)

Feb 23rd 2008 1:01PM Vista has a cool checkbox feature for selecting files under Folder Options.

ActualDoc: Replace the Recent Documents feature in Windows (Download Squad)

Feb 20th 2008 3:09PM Type "shell:recent" in Run (Win+R) or in Start search. Opens a list of all your recent docs. View, sort & group as you like. Create a shortcut to do the same. FREE. peace, mjh