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PMOG, the playful web, and some brilliant stuff that almost changed the world (Virtual Places and Third Voice) (The Jason Calacanis Weblog)

Feb 24th 2008 9:14PM The fascinating thing about this game is that its players are creating, through their play, a meta-layer of meaning on top of the web. It will be fascinating to see the kind of behaviour that emerges from the players of this game.

I have blogged about this here:

Is Newspond a Techmeme killer? (Download Squad)

Feb 20th 2008 10:42AM It looks slick enough, and their claims are outrageous enough that they'll probably get some attention for a couple of days, but I doubt this will knock Techmeme off its throne.

LG not ditching HD DVD just yet, hopes to accommodate early adopters (Engadget)

Feb 19th 2008 7:39PM This is foolhardy. LG is overestimating the number of users who need a new player AND whose HD DVD collection is more valuable than the premium cost of the player.

They should cut their losses.