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World Backup Day: 1 TB hard drive giveaway from OWC (TUAW.com)

Mar 31st 2011 9:14PM Backups are always a crucial task!

Apple releases Xcode 4; free for developers, $4.99 for everyone else (TUAW.com)

Mar 9th 2011 3:43PM XCode 4 is a joke. I just downgraded to version 3.2. I just cannot program inside iTunes!

Deciding on a tablet by comparing specs? You've missed the point (TUAW.com)

Mar 3rd 2011 8:14PM I second that! The best article I have read on TUAW so far...

Apple releases Xcode 4 GM. Again! (TUAW.com)

Mar 3rd 2011 8:08PM I just downgraded from the 4.0 GM to 3.1.2. I just cannot program in iTunes!

TinyGrab declines to sell subscriptions through the App Store (TUAW.com)

Feb 21st 2011 9:59PM I am not sure why people are tripping about the whole thing. Personally as an iOS developer, I like the new subscription service. I will be implementing it in one of my apps and I'll get monthly revenue from users without dealing with setup of my own payment system.

Enter to win a copy of the Sparrow email client for Mac (TUAW.com)

Feb 9th 2011 8:57PM Sparrow would be a great mail client for my Mac. I will be able to access my personal and work e-mails from one simplistic application.

Luxury iPhone 4s, iPads a great idea for well-heeled givers (TUAW.com)

Dec 11th 2010 7:10PM A good iPhone would be 22k gold plating in matt finish without diamonds. Would look better than this naive design. Royal items needs class and not expensive jewels stuck on them.

RapidWeaver 5.0: TUAW exclusive first look and promo code giveaway (TUAW.com)

Dec 1st 2010 4:03PM I'd like to make some beautiful looking iPhone app webpages.

iOS 4.2 for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch ready for download (TUAW.com)

Nov 22nd 2010 1:22PM Just what I was going to ask. I guess the build might have changed as the GM does not seem to have AirPlay on the iPhone.

wunderlist is a cross-platform free to-do list manager (Download Squad)

Nov 22nd 2010 12:49PM Its a good basic task manager. They will start charging for Sync and mobile clients in the future though. At that point, they might have to add things like hash tags to tasks for smarter task management.