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Member since: Feb 16th, 2008

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WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin (Download Squad)

May 1st 2008 10:33AM Holly, I got so frustrated that I turn to my host, Asio.net, and paid them to fix my blog. It took a couple hours but this is what he found. The issue for me was a line in wp-admin/upgrade.php. See my support topic at

Check out the following support topic at wordpress too. http://wordpress.org/support/topic/172244

Before you do anything copy the file before you delete that line just in case this solution does not work for you.

Prior to the fix, my ability to comment was not there anymore since it was caught in that loop. I have put a support question up at wordpress to see what techie people think about the fix because I don't want to give bad advice since I myself am not techie.

Let me know if this works for you and add to my comment. (Ihttp://wordpress.org/support/topic/173281?replies=1#post-748552) so if is a problem, wordpress can fix it. Anna

WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin (Download Squad)

Apr 30th 2008 7:55PM Has anyone tried to use this plug in for 2.5.1? You can't update the database. It just gets stuck. Anyone know a work around or is just my blog.

Are you an eco mom? (ParentDish)

Feb 16th 2008 10:47PM Jennifer, I think you are doing great. I think being conscious of your choices is the first step. I don't believe in "it is all or nothing." Some people take baby steps while others run ahead.

In my case, I built a couple of years ago using a alot of green materials for my children. My focus was nontoxic since I feel that the chemicals in building products, furniture, and other personal decor can impact our children's immune systems more than we think. We spend most of our time indoors.

So, when we built everything form the adhesives, paints, grout, etc all had to be low or nontoxic. Trying doing this a couple of years ago before green was hot!

Over the years, I expanded into organic gardening, recycling fundrasiers for my children's school, and expanded my knowledge of what it is like to live healthy and sustainable. I am constantly learning.

I understand Mel's comment. I author a blog called Green Talk and try and educate people about living green. I try and make it easy but I know that many of my suggestions will fall on deaf ears. My hope is that my readers will take some of the suggestions that feel comfortable to them and run with them. Perhaps, they may come back for more. I feel that if everyone did a little bit more for the environment, the world would be alot better off. Anna www.green-talk.com