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Joyswag: Kid Icarus Uprising AR Idol Cards (Joystiq)

Mar 24th 2012 1:58PM eggplant spears as a side to sloppy joes (instead of cucumber spears)

Farewell, Internet (Download Squad)

Apr 13th 2011 2:44AM man this sucks
i always like the combination of content here so i wisit pretty much every day from the time wasters to the old firefox friday (when it ran)
are any of the authors going to write for any other site, if so which one(s)?
and why not go independent and start your own blog somewhere else

its going to be a shame seeing you go

to AOL this is a bad decision a very bad decision

Ask DLS: How did your Windows 7 SP1 upgrade go? (Download Squad)

Feb 23rd 2011 6:26PM on my home computer:
it keeps saying cant find file or somthing and wont install ran all 3 fixes and the troubleshooter still wont work
home-built win7home premium upgraded to pro using anytime upgrade

on my laptop:
havnt tried

Fade is Canabalt for llama lovers (Download Squad)

Feb 12th 2011 5:05PM @Sebastian Anthony past 10,000 distance
i had have all the achevements except lucky (which has a random factor involved)

heres the order i purchased the abilities (as well as some notes)

first note points are awarded when you fall thats also when you can up your skills (based on your distance traveled)
first get one of each basic skill except run through (5 points each, total 15)
just get 20 points and purchase the advanced skill "double jump"
then get 20 more and purchase the advanced skill "wall climb"
then get one more jump (10 points)
next 2 more accelerate (10 then 30 points)
and one last another jump (20 points)
and get 2 run throughs (5 then 10 points)
i suggest leaving jump at 3 otherwise it hard aiming for a good landing point (especially with double jump)
max out speed and acceleration before maxing run through
at this point when you get going to 20-25 mph you can just run with out jumping (thanks to wall climb) unless you have a significant jump up then you need to jump
if your speed goes below 20 stay on the surface to gain more speed

you gain speed when running strait (and not jumping)
when you hit 50 (or think you have) go to the main menu and check your acheivements look for the colored one (its in the last colum if its grayed out then you did not get it yet)

also holding down any jump button will act like an auto fire jump button (jump, double-jump [if purchased], repeat)
i dont recomend this
you can get far doing this but your speed will suffer

Fade is Canabalt for llama lovers (Download Squad)

Feb 12th 2011 3:12PM i enjoy this game a little more than canabalt
mainly due to the better story (and the power up system)
i dont like canabaults story of "its the appoclypse, run for your life" where are you gonna go

the easiest way to get the color is to go 50 MPH which unlocks the colored button on the main screen (as well as receive the colored acheivement)

Fade is Canabalt for llama lovers (Download Squad)

Feb 12th 2011 2:32PM @Sebastian Anthony I did that too. but only when I wasnt paying attention

How to use Google Chrome as your default PDF reader on Windows (Download Squad)

Feb 12th 2011 11:06AM @sitruc you can remove the others (if you are able to maintain your own computer)

How to use Google Chrome as your default PDF reader on Windows (Download Squad)

Feb 12th 2011 11:04AM @earls thats what i was going to say
just make sure the check box that says "always use as default program" (or somthing simmilar) is checked

Acrobat Reader X delivers on security promise (Download Squad)

Feb 4th 2011 3:01AM @Anthony S. if there was a compatible product to flash that wasnt flash i would use that.

i am not at all pleased with adobes slow responce to security holes with such a big product
if they responded faster than i may consider using reader again
plus this is new software and i want to see its security measures before i install
plus i like how fast sumutra opens (its very fast) last time i used reader there was a 10-30 second delay before opening

Acrobat Reader X delivers on security promise (Download Squad)

Feb 3rd 2011 1:00PM i dont care if its an exploit or not
i dont use adobe reader
i use less known "readers" like sumatra PDF to avoid this