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Ubuntu Hardy: The latest and greatest or a total mess? (Download Squad)

Apr 3rd 2008 12:53PM I could not stand Hardy. XP was much quicker for me. But, this is a beta so I am not going to say that it is a total mess. It is for testing purposes. Right now, for me, it sucks.

Get full version of FairUse Wizard DVD ripper for free (Download Squad)

Mar 14th 2008 10:35PM The toolbar installation checkbox is after you install FairUse Wizard.

Microsoft Office Live Workspace beta now available (Download Squad)

Mar 4th 2008 5:21PM You throw a punch at Microsoft every chance you guys get. It really gets on my nerves. I can get that from Gizmodo or Engadget. I come here for information on downloads not for your ignorant opionions of a company providing a free service. Try to start being professionals instead of kids that think it is cool to make fun of Microsoft.

VideoSpin: Free video editor gives Windows Movie Maker a run for its money (Download Squad)

Feb 9th 2008 3:19PM I was looking for a free, simple video editor. Any users recommend something different?

SNES CD development controller on eBay for a mint (Engadget)

Dec 29th 2007 12:42PM Nintendo did not want to be with Sony because Sony wanted all rights to the software. Do a little research next time.

The "999,999,999 in 1 Super Game" system (Engadget)

Nov 24th 2007 5:22PM The 999,999,999 includes all of the levels in all the games it has. It really has like 100 games. I saw a booth at a mall yesterday and asked the seller. growing at a miraculous rate (Download Squad)

Sep 23rd 2007 11:14PM Disgusting and offensive post guys, you've fallen to a new low :(

The 2006 Engadget Awards: Nominate the Worst Gadget of the Year (Engadget)


Wiimote attacks TV weak point for massive damage (Engadget)

Dec 5th 2006 9:51PM First of all, why would the battery cover and batteries fall off if it hit like that? Also, It would be nearly impossible to throw the Wiimote and have it go straight into the TV. Unless this gamer's name is Jesus, then this is an obvious fake.

James Kim -- brief update (Engadget)

Dec 1st 2006 3:57PM You and Yours are in my prayers!