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Eee PC Tips: A crash course in Linux (Download Squad)

Feb 2nd 2008 12:00AM "Problem with this computer is that it's way too expensive for what you get. (Compare a Mac mini at $599) $100-$200 is an ideal price range."

Actually I am typing this on a Mac Mini (which I love BTW)
But I also bought the Eee PC and I really like it too.

But the difference is that the Mini is a full computer and the Eee PC is more like an appliance, though it is a quite capable appliance.

I need a good full featured computer at home so I have the Mac Mini.

I needed something small with a full browser like firefox for work ( I use my Eee PC at the top of a ladder often times) and this fit the bill perfectly.

I would have loved a Mac Mini portable but the Mac Book air is just wayyy to expensive.

For what it does, it is great.