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Torrent2exe turns any torrent file into a single-source BitTorrent client (Download Squad)

May 14th 2008 10:29PM works too. Just copy the URL it creates when you link to a torrent and send it to a friend.

Organize your music collection with TagScanner (Download Squad)

Apr 8th 2008 10:12PM For all the Linux-goers, try Ex Falso. It makes sense.

Squash: Batch image resizing doesn't get much easier (Download Squad)

Apr 2nd 2008 10:40PM File > Batch Conversion.

Google turns off the lights for Earth Hour today (Download Squad)

Mar 29th 2008 4:48PM You sound like a nice guy.

Run Linux apps in Windows with andLinux (Download Squad)

Feb 21st 2008 8:29PM Windows + Wine = SuPeR CoMpAtIbLe

Customize your Windows boot screen with BootSkin (Download Squad)

Jan 22nd 2008 7:55PM no dood, CoD foor, nub. LoLz.

Free CD/DVD burning software BurnAware includes support for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD (Download Squad)

Jan 22nd 2008 7:54PM Drag-and-drop for adding files is preferred, but this still looks slick. And free. Double great.

This is a field in Windows dominated by commercial software such as Nero. For me, back in my Windows days, CDBurnerXP probably did the best job for assorted kinds of writing out of the freeware crowd. Burrrn was a no-brainer for audio CDs. Nero couldn't touch the simplicity and true gapless burning.

Now, for Linux, I think Brasero knocks the pants off K3B. The folks at Ubuntu love it too and are making it the default burning application in Hardy Heron.

I'll keep a lookout on BurnAware for whenever I'm around the spawn of Redmond again. Thanks.

Facebook to offer "Profile Clean-Up Tool" (Download Squad)

Jan 12th 2008 8:15AM i wants to be jedi-werewolf!

Flipping the Linux switch: Package management 101 (Download Squad)

Jan 8th 2008 8:20PM Frozen Bubble, heck yeah!

Obama most popular with tech savvy voters (Download Squad)

Jan 8th 2008 8:20PM It's true, Obama has a commanding lead among Democrats. On Facebook, 60% of Democrats support Obama. On the other hand, Paul has the lead among Republicans with around 35%. This survey or whatever it is doesn't count in my book, but whatever. It pleases the mainstream.

Ron Paul 2008! Be informed!