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Member since: Jan 28th, 2008

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Palm Pre pics released into the wild by Sprint freedom fighter (Engadget)

May 15th 2009 4:11AM Am I the only one, who looking at the first picture, thinks the pre looks photoshopped into his hand? And the phone looks far too small.

Acer's G24 gaming monitor with world's best contrast (Engadget)

Jul 4th 2008 5:38AM Yeah, a 17 year old (I believe) who recently gave birth to a child.

Metal Gear Retrospective: Part Four slithers back to the '60s (Joystiq)

Jun 4th 2008 11:43AM I am with you 100%. Loved the star wars retros, whyever did they stop them? They didn't even mention KoTOR. Bastards :(

Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is offended (Joystiq)

Jun 1st 2008 5:31PM Fanboys mini is the best of the lot, simple because oh look bunnies.

Painting the town magenta (Engadget)

Apr 1st 2008 1:09PM No, but seriously... how is anyone falling for this April 1st joke?

Painting the town magenta (Engadget)

Apr 1st 2008 12:56PM Seriously? Even when they make a reference to april fools day in the article, why do so many of you fall for this?

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T300 gets reviewed (Engadget)

Mar 27th 2008 6:49AM OK, fair enough, a DSLR could be a bit of an issue in a pub when you are intoxicated, in which case, yes a P&S will be far better. But I would imagine that a camera like this would not be cheap (looking on the 'net, it's going for 240 pounds-ish), so you'd feel pretty stupid losing something like this, too.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T300 gets reviewed (Engadget)

Mar 26th 2008 5:52PM I ... well, I have a very beautiful D-SLR, Nikon. I can never imagine actually using a point-and-shoot camera again. I know they have their advantages, but the power my DSLR gives me far outweighs those.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T300 gets reviewed (Engadget)

Mar 26th 2008 5:50PM Tokyo, it was actually a joke. YOu don't have to take it seriously.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T300 gets reviewed (Engadget)

Mar 26th 2008 3:07PM But will it take as nice photos as my D-SLR?
go on, admit it. you thought i was gonna ask if it will blend.