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Devil May Cry screens and trailer ('cause humans do care) (Joystiq)

Jun 10th 2011 3:59AM Looks like Joystiq is taking a after the sleazy porn sites I visit. Making the entire page a click for ads is infuriating. Yay for AOL!

Ghost Recon Online on Wii U footage solidifies (Joystiq)

Jun 10th 2011 3:45AM "Instead of having to look at a box on the screen that I'm... ya know... looking at, with this new controller I can just look down at this thing I'm holding in my hands."

This guy was talking about the map on Ghost Recon. Because when I'm playing a FPS I am always thinking to myself, "I should be taking my eyes off the action as much as possible."

Wii U's second controller/screen will be occupied with the same junk that the DS's second screen is. Dev's develop a game and then realize that there is a second screen and then take the pause menu and throw it down there so you can look at it all the time.

Wii U third-party sizzle reel composed of 360/PS3/PC footage (Joystiq)

Jun 8th 2011 10:49AM @The Only Girl

I still wonder what it's for.

New BioShock Infinite media demands your attention (Joystiq)

Jun 7th 2011 2:31AM Does "Infinite" refer to the infinite amount of parallel universes in the Bioshock omniverse where idealistic utopian societies have perverted themselves? I think that is what we'll find out at right before the end credits of this game.

Tour the Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet in this new trailer (Joystiq)

Jun 7th 2011 2:26AM This I why I love downloadable titles. Games like this would never have been made if it had to go out in retail at $60.

Fable: The Journey features Kinect-based journeying (Joystiq)

Jun 6th 2011 10:59PM This is the downfall of Kinect. Everything has to be on rails because there no good way to move your character around. It works fine for games like Child of Eden but Fable, Star Wars, etc. Boo!

I'll go in when Kinect+ is released. It'll have two gloves with analog nubs on each to move your character around. That way you can do all the gestures and still control the character.

Playable Catwoman unmasked in Batman: Arkham City (Joystiq)

Jun 1st 2011 2:41PM I wish I was a fan of Batman. The demo for the first one was pretty fun but I don't care about the characters or stories in the Batman universe.

Dirt 3 trailer joins the superteam, probably fights some crime (Joystiq)

May 4th 2011 12:02PM If only this game had the physics and handling Richard Burns Rally. How is it that an 8 year old game still trumps everything else in this regard?

Chaos Rings Omega announcement trailer is fairly chaotic (Joystiq)

May 1st 2011 11:47AM When are the Japanese going to stop hating their appearance? Yakuza 4 seems to be the only game where there are Japanese characters.,