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Tweetie 1.2 for iPhone adds Instapaper, enhanced functionality and some hilarity (TUAW.com)

Jan 16th 2009 3:33PM You left out stocktwits.com support for all us stock and financial nuts. Now you can click $AAPL tickers and get the twitter conversations.

Boston's Apple Store to open May 16 (TUAW.com)

May 6th 2008 12:08PM First MIT Flea Market then Apple store. Sounds like a fun day to me! Count me in.

Twitter and Joyent are no more (Download Squad)

Jan 31st 2008 8:53PM I see Twitter as an easy acquisition target. I think you will see it happen later this year, if they can get the service to stay up longer then a few hours.

I doubt very highly that someone has purchased the service and this if causing the rift. It is more likely they are moving to more stable ground and taking charge of their own environment (finally). Joyent is a good company but supporting twitter has got to be mighty stressful.

Embracing weightless data (TUAW.com)

Jan 22nd 2008 11:46PM Nice recommendation on Bandwagon. This is the answer I've been looking for! Wish I knew about it sooner. I've been doing some really funky stuff to get multiple itunes libraries in sync.