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Farewell, Internet (Download Squad)

Apr 14th 2011 6:40PM This was my favorite website for years.


PicTreat effortlessly touches up the faces in your photos (Download Squad)

Aug 8th 2009 12:34AM Sax25 is right.
Fake red eyes.


Ask DLS: why is every damn web browser logo round? (Download Squad)

Jun 20th 2009 8:48AM I guess you guys ran out of topics to write about ?

And I'm glad to know you're still watching Sesame Street....

Gmail rolls out tools to make labels easier (Download Squad)

Feb 3rd 2009 6:20PM OK. So I decided to checkout the labels features again and give it another chance (since honestly - I prefer folders ).

So just for the heck of it, I created a dummy label and then found out that I was wrong.
I can then create a filter which will label it automatically.

So still - why folders?
I guess it's more of a UI issue than functionality.

I'm going to do a more throughout research about folders vs. labels and post it here.

BTW, does downloadsquad has some kind of a forum? :-/
That could be helpful for debates.

Gmail rolls out tools to make labels easier (Download Squad)

Feb 3rd 2009 5:50PM Well, lets start with the simple concept that I would like my incoming messages to be "auto tagged". I'd like to be able to define that all e-mails coming from X, Y and Z being auto tagged with a certain label.

This would replace the concept of having a rule which will sort my incoming e-mail into certain folders.

Moreover, I guess most people are just used to having folders.
As a JEE developer, I guess I could get used to it quite easily, but others, who might be "less technical" rarely use labels in my experience and rather have folders.

Gmail rolls out tools to make labels easier (Download Squad)

Feb 3rd 2009 5:32PM I KNOW what labels are. There's no need to introduce them to me.
Your "explanation" sounds more like an excuse to me.
Solving the lack of folders support by promoting labels.

The GMail team should add the possibility of having folders for those who dislike labels. It's way more important than this latest features, IMO.

Gmail rolls out tools to make labels easier (Download Squad)

Feb 3rd 2009 4:57PM I'd like to be able to create FOLDERS and not just labels. :-/

Google gets overprotective, flags whole internet as malware (Download Squad)

Jan 31st 2009 3:28PM On the Internet, no one can hear you scream....

Teacher confiscates Linux CDs, claims no software is free (Download Squad)

Dec 10th 2008 4:08PM ...After reading the blog...

She's bashing Linux ("carnival show") in favor of Windows ("This is a world where Windows runs on virtually every computer").

I bet her husband works for M$. lol