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Samsung Moment unboxed! (Engadget)

Oct 21st 2009 2:45PM I love that phone. The keyboard looks perfect with the search button at the top left and those cursor buttons on the right. It is hard to navigate on a small screen and hard buttons can really help. I also like how they stick to 4 rows. My G1 has five and the bottom row is somewhat thrown together. I can imagine it easier for my thumbs to reach left or right than to move up and down without clicking the neighboring button. But the flash camera takes the cake.

Beauty Exec Denied Face Cream, Accused of Spying (StyleList (Main))

Aug 22nd 2009 4:23AM Nobel Ingredients: Yasser Araffat's stubble and Al Gore's fatty liver.

Android First-look: Google Reader (Download Squad)

Oct 24th 2008 1:57PM I beg to differ. I'm a big fan of google reader and am quite disappointed with it on Android because I am unable to save bookmarks for specific folders which I could even do with my old school wap nokia.

NBA and the Olympics (Blog Maverick)

Jul 6th 2008 3:05PM No wonder America and the NBA are becoming irrelevant.

Sport is about outstanding effort and athletic excellence. The NBA and America is all about lawyers and greed and the essence of sport, its spirit, has long been forgotten.

That's why the NBA ratings have fallen over the past decade about as much as the US dollar. Less dogma and rhetoric and more focus on product would help both the NBA and the US.

The Ala Carting of Video on the Net - Will it lead to disaster ? (Blog Maverick)

May 5th 2008 3:47PM TV is not dead. Just go to any restaurant or bar or backseat of a minivan. The viewers just happen to be more diverse than they used to be. Many younger viewers have short attention spans so they'll have their computer on while watching a show. This just provides additional screens to reach the same audience.

Google loses appeal for Gmail trademark in Europe (Download Squad)

Mar 20th 2008 2:40PM I am confused. What prevents someone in Europe from signing up with Gmail in the US?

Verizon to offer unlimited voice, data, and messaging packages (Engadget)

Feb 19th 2008 12:29AM They are trying to copy the Europeans. The US providers see 2 markets, corporate and family, and forget the third market: singles. Singles don't need a plan with 5 garbage flip phones nor do they want to be limited to their Fave 5s. Singles value simplicity and quality at a reasonable price. Why doesn't one of the big 3 or 4 providers change the game and come up with a great plan that's affordable? And why hasn't T-Mobile upgraded their website in over 3 years?

The Album is Dead... (Blog Maverick)

Jan 17th 2008 10:21PM How often do American's need to repeat this prophecy. I spent my youth in Europe where I collected mostly singles. All music aimed at young audiences were available in this form. Americans are slow to react to change. When disco died Americans latched on to Concert Bands and Soundtracks and it took Napster to unbundle the rest.