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'Xbox Companion App' lets you control an Xbox 360 from a Windows Phone (Joystiq)

Oct 6th 2011 1:26AM @aray48
hope you continue to enjoy the force closes and occasional lag (or a lot of lag) depending on the device u have. i had a captivate (galaxy s) and a evo4g and cannot tell you how aggravating force close is. i will not pay my good money for something that is seriously half baked and unpolished

eBay Find of the Day: World's best Datsun 240Z resto-mod? (Autoblog)

Mar 29th 2011 12:59AM i dont know what the hell all you guys are smoking. with all this "right motor" nonsense. the sr20 he has doesn't have the best torque curve, but its a well built motor making great hp and torque in the upper midrange and higher revs.

to me, it'd be like bitching that the girl you met can't be your dream girl because she's 5'6" and not 5'8". Good is good.

Report: Sony could remotely disable jailbroken PS3s (Joystiq)

Jan 11th 2011 6:39PM @Teus
i was thinking about this when i heard sony said they had a software fix for this. Just do what MS does. I'm sure that other than the MAC address, all ps3 systems have some type of unique identifier they use. All sony has to do is implement some type of changing startup thing that looks to see if the console is modded, if it is, bad that ID/MAC address.

'Get Fit with Mel B' among highlights in shaky SouthPeak financial report (Joystiq)

Oct 13th 2010 10:39PM @JohnDM
yeah after she had her kid some years ago, she's been super hot.

Qualcomm to ship 1.5GHz QSD8672 Snapdragon processor in Q4 (Engadget)

Aug 17th 2010 4:25AM @briguy266
for all you guys complaining about battery performance, look up the difference between the 1 ghz, 1.2 and 1.5 ghz processors from qualcomm. the interesting thing about them (from all the documents i've read) is that that in terms of performance, obvious 1.5 ghz>1.3 ghz> 1.0 ghz...but the funny thing is in terms of battery life and their ability to slowly sip juice 1.5 ghz>1.3 ghz> 1.0 ghz. yes, the 1.5 ghz chip actually consumes less power than the 1.0 ghz snapdragon.

but to be honest, unless you're looking for phones that will run insane graphics for games i dont see the benefits of running the 1.5 just yet. but then again, it would be nice to have a ''future proofed'' phone

Xbox Live launch titles for Windows Phone 7 finally revealed, we've got the full preview (Engadget)

Aug 17th 2010 1:13AM @The Advanced Kind
damn, now i'm really wondering, will i actually need a xbox live gold membership to to all the turn based gaming or to even have my avatar. I dont have an xbox, so the whole value of having a gold Rx and having it hit both the console and the phone doesn't apply to me. I usually follow all WP7 news, as well as android....but i dont know if i've heard this addressed yet.
It'd be great to have all the features of turned based and multiplayer gaming on the phone. But there's no way it would be worth $50 a year if i dont have, and dont want to get an xbox (i'm a PS3 guy).

George Lucas officially announces Star Wars on Blu-ray in 2011 (Engadget)

Aug 15th 2010 3:05AM @Inect
George Lucas is an asshole. I mean shiet, how much money would it really cost to restore the originals? 100 million? 200 million? You're company can afford it, heck i would think that maybe you would at least want it done, its your baby, and you're a MULTI billionaire. Shoot, enuff people are gonna buy this on bluray for you to add some more zeros to ur bank account. jerk.

Editorial: Waiter, there's a Nazi theme in my Android Market (updated) (Engadget)

Aug 13th 2010 3:44AM @Draper
at first, after reading the article i thought to myself, "wow today can't be sunday night...and that is the first article i've read from the gartenberg character that wasn't filled w/ mindless drivel." then of course, i scroll up and see its written by good ol' JP.

but on topic, there's no two ways to hash it. if by any way you limit some of the content you have in your app store, that is by definition censorship. not saying that censorship is good, but the complete lack of it isn't good either. anyone familiar w/ first amendment rights in the US, knows that even these rights have a limit.

you can also tighten the censorship reigns w/out being as draconian as Lord Jobs. Again, google you've made a great platform, pretty much a hybrid of the App store and the way that Windows Mobile use to handle apps before their marketplace. You have your official means, and you also have sideloading available. This is great, because you can basically say, hey anything that we approve of you can find in the app store. but, if you insist on having porn, or nazis, or flaming kittens on your phone, you can sideload that stuff all you want. we'll give you the option.

Making a censored app store w/ the option of sideloading would be the best way to handle apps if you ask me. Google doesn't make any money off sideloading, so in no way can they condone it...but having google making a % of cash off swastikas does bother me a bit.

Move-It: the stick-on recyclable cardboard trolley (video) (Engadget)

Aug 12th 2010 7:05PM @wobbles
because to convert everything from ounces and pounds, mph and feet, and ounces and liters into kg, kph, meters, would cost A LOT of money

Motorola Droid Android 2.2 Froyo OTA updates are go (Engadget)

Aug 11th 2010 3:17AM @Almo
i cant wait to see what google puts out next month as far as their market share per version. i'm thinking w/ the droid update, froyo and eclair should will probably be above 60% of the handsets. and it'll only get better once samsung gets off their lazy asses for the galaxy s updates.