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Get full version of FairUse Wizard DVD ripper for free (Download Squad)

Mar 23rd 2008 1:32PM If your using windows vista , right click on the program and click 'run as administrator'. to make this do it everytime, right click and go to properties, then compatibility, and 'run as administrator'

Giveaway: have an iPhone on us! (Engadget)

Jul 1st 2007 1:33PM wow this rocks

VIDEO: Bicyclist outruns cops in high speed chase (Autoblog)

Oct 7th 2006 1:14PM so this is wut lance choose to do after the tour

VIDEO: GM GMT900 pickups in motion (Autoblog)

Aug 7th 2006 9:50PM Shut the F*ck up, Steve S. Go get your toyota and shove it up ur a55.

This chevy is bada55.

2007 GMC Acadia revealed - UPDATED (Autoblog)

Jul 14th 2006 1:36AM The four wheel steering is proably 'Quadrasteer', which in my opinion is da best, and i'ma miss the envoy expectly the model with the rear canopy. And on second thought most ppl who read autoblog are ignorant and think toyota is god, and anotha thang, YOUNG PPL, which are around my age of 17-15, think chevy's are the best, because of their experiences, and even though they might not appeal to ya, no body wants to get a camry, they rather get a old camaro, or mustang, or a big suv or car, to carry around in, expectly cars dat look nice, da new camry looks ugly to mi, and to alot of otha ppl, but at least most the ppl i kno, know about cars and trucks, and are not biased, like most of ya are, and surprise, surprise, i'ma a young latino male who thinks big chrome rims, lowriders, and just pimped out rides r da chit. The HHR makes a great lowrider, and silverados do 2. The Cailber is a good lookin ....car?... but i would buy one, even though i'm a chevy fan, da scion tc is sumthang esle i might but but then again i'm get a handmidown camaro, which i'm happy about, n yea i think burnouts r kool, n i dont think imports are the only tuners, and i dont call em ricers, n yea most of them are just showoffs, but my cuzin has a 9 sec civic, and i think it look's sweet too,
but back to the Acadia, like i said i would buy it. n yea i do have a job, even though i'm young, but hey wut can i change about ya's haters, i'm just da next generation.

Microsoft's E3 booth tour (Engadget)

May 13th 2006 7:32PM The ps3 will dominate the xbox and da little wii wii.