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Golf Clap: Lexus sponsors USGA (Autoblog)

Jan 29th 2007 9:45AM zzzz... people that don't play golf never understand it.

Golf is the hardest game you'll ever play, and like an annoying video game, you'll CONSTANTLY want to get better and do better than last time.

What other sport can you play well after retirement and get as much (or more) enjoyment out of it than you did when you were younger?

Now, I'm not sure what debbie downer wrote this "post" but it seems to me that they need to pull their head out and think about what they wrote. Not only did them disrespect Lexus and lexus owners, but they disrespected the game of golf and all golfers out there. Seems like a VERY large number of people!

Upload and convert videos to any format with Hey!Watch (Download Squad)

Jan 17th 2007 1:48PM ffmpeg

Why bother with anything else?

Scrubs: My House (AOL TV)

Jan 5th 2007 12:17PM no songs?

I've had "lollypop, lollypop, oh lolly-lolly lollypop" stuck in my head all morning!

Studio 60 is terrible, say comedy writers (AOL TV)

Dec 29th 2006 1:09PM As a non-comedy writer with 1/2 a brain (or more!), I prefer S60 to 30Rock.

30Rock is hard to watch (and I don't any more after the 1st 2 eps) with TM doing his "idiot" voice and TF doing her "I'm a ditz" routine. And Bladwin's just a moron.

S60 actually is more enjoyable, and it's a drama, not a comedy, so you're probably not supposed to LOL at it.

RR of the Day: 1977 Datsun 280Z (Autoblog)

Dec 21st 2006 12:40PM My first car was a 1970 240z.

Had a 260 block (which was bad, the 260 blocks had casting issues) and a 240 head.

Triple weber carbs and straight pipes.

It got 8 MPG around town and 25 on the highway at 85mph.

No AC, rusted out floor boards, dim headlights, no heater and poor brakes. It was painted purple metallic, had fender flairs and a fiberglass tail.

What a bad car for an 18 year old! Sure was fun!

2008 Chevy Equinox Sport: One S shy of an SS (Autoblog)

Dec 14th 2006 12:43PM We actually cross shopped the Equinox last year with some high $$ "competitors" (LR3, RX400h [that we bought], Yukon, FX45).

There were three things that kept us out of it:
1. Exterior blahness
2. Electic power steering felt like crap
3. Interior was pretty poor

Looks like 1 and possibly 3 are fixed with this, but the electric steering was really bad.

My RX400h has electric steering and after they replaced the electric steering computer (ours is one of the first), it works great, nowhere near as poor as the chebby.

Internet Explorer 7 Developer Toolbar (Download Squad)

Dec 4th 2006 12:02AM What's with the hate for IE? Seriously. Developing for FF is actually more of a pain for me, ESPECIALLY if I have to do anything with XML in javascript since FF chose to use some funky standard for xpaths (among other things).

It's one thing to report stuff, but to basically write an article on dirty toilet paper is just bad journalism.

Criminal Minds: The Last Word (AOL TV)

Nov 16th 2006 1:03PM IIRC it was because they feel exluded like Holden in the book.

I didn't even think about the whole "who reads the personals anyway" until you mentioned it... I'm going to continue to be oblivious since I just started watching the show and don't want to scare myself off :) A wednesday of Bones and CM is a good one.

The Simpsons: G.I. (Annoyed Grunt) (AOL TV)

Nov 13th 2006 3:15PM The last couple episodes of the Simpsons seem more like "Simpsons does Family Guy" what with the obscure references, the jokes that are prolonged for agonizing effect, and the in your face commentary.

Copying is the sincerest form of flattery and all that...