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Microsoft Security Essentials leaves beta, available for download 9/29/2009 (Download Squad)

Sep 29th 2009 7:38AM And ends...............witha 30 day free trial.

Microsoft Security Essentials leaves beta, available for download 9/29/2009 (Download Squad)

Sep 29th 2009 7:38AM And ends...............witha 30 day free trail.

Caught on Video: Thieves Ransack Apple Store in 31 Seconds (Switched)

Sep 3rd 2009 2:21PM As much as a fanboy of M$ as I am, I dont agree with your comment.

If Apple are dumb enough to have full front glass windows and doors then who can blame them thieves, then to install a fresh set of glass doors is just plain stupid (obviously they need new doors but what about shutters?)

Cant wait for the new M$ stoors to open to see how long it takes thieves to be in and out to compare, this should be good.

Console hacker arrested, faces up to ten years in jail (Engadget)

Aug 5th 2009 7:40AM Umm I owned a PSP since its 1st crimbo launch I was happy with it then years later (3 months ago) I decided I wanted change (no not obama) I installed M33 and love it so much I wont change even if they sue me.

I own the device, I may not own the software.
But I say as soon as that software gets into my hands and onto my PSP that I own then that copy of software therefore belongs to me.

I dont want to buy a game and find out I dont like it, I just download it then try it then go out and buy it.

If they make it so easy to do it I dont really blame people for doing it.

ASUS kills USB 3.0-laden P6X58 motherboard for reasons unknown (Engadget)

Jul 30th 2009 6:58AM HAHA just bril that, made me smile.
Thanks Engadget.

Futuristic Touchscreen Coke Dispenser: 'Take That, Pepsi Generation!' (Switched)

Jul 22nd 2009 6:24PM Join The Darkside!
Sorry I got lost in thos evil eyes of his.

Engadget's recession antidote: win an OWI Robotic Arm Edge! (Engadget)

Jul 18th 2009 3:10PM Arr man I have been looking at buying one of these for ages, count me in for sure on this.

Good Luck All And Thanks Engadget and OWI for the chance to win.

10 Video Games That Should Be Made Into Movies (Switched)

Jul 1st 2009 1:09PM I cant see Grim Fandango on that list, huum well we all make mistakes time to time.

Moonwalker: the video game legacy of Michael Jackson (Joystiq)

Jun 26th 2009 4:01PM R.I.P. Michael Jackson, Not everybody liked him but not allot of people could say they didnt like his music.
Steve Irwin another great man, the only celebs I actually cared that they died.
Just feels like I have lost someone close.

UK retailers lament PSP Go pre-orders, demand PSN cards (Joystiq)

Jun 26th 2009 3:49PM I still have the origional PSP and have no interest in this new one or any of the others, I have yet to see Sony make full use of the one I have right now so god knows what rubbish they will pile onto this one.
Location Free player on PSP fail, Go messenger Fail, PSPGo Epic Fail.

Next year Sony will be promoting a new PSP, god knows what they will name it something stupid like PSPGodHelpUsWeNeedMoreMoneyBecauseWereTooStupidToDropThePriceOfThePS3 (Sony if your reading this thanks for replacing my 1 1/2 year old psp more than 7 times and never actually fixing the problem and just to let you know My PSP is enjoying a life of homebrew.)