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Farewell, Internet (Download Squad)

Apr 13th 2011 8:38AM @Sebastian Anthony
Seb, Sorry to see you guys go. Of all the AOL editors and contributors, you and Josh Topolsky were at the top of my favorites list for kindness, community interest and enthusiasm for tech. My daily rotation of websites I read will be poorer for the lack of DLS and yourself. PLEASE let us know where you end up next!

Microsoft Office 2011 SP1 for Mac arriving next week with Outlook improvements (Download Squad)

Apr 7th 2011 3:39PM One of the things keeping me from switching to , or buying a, mac is the lack of one note on the mac office suites. I just don't get that...

Leaked Android Music app images and hands-on review (Download Squad)

Apr 5th 2011 7:26PM Classic choice for the lead photo btw.
Though i don't use my phone (droid 2 w/ GB) for music much (have a zune HD for that), this might be worth checking out...

Ask DLS: What's your backup process? (Download Squad)

Mar 31st 2011 3:42PM Windows Home Server + Dropbox.

Firefox 4 for Mobile RC released, hints of new badge-collecting social game Firefox Spark (Download Squad)

Mar 22nd 2011 11:01PM What is the difference between Opera mini and mobile?

Ask DLS: What's your favorite mobile app at the moment? (Download Squad)

Mar 17th 2011 3:25PM On my Droid2 (Liberty 1.5)-
- Words W/ Friends
- Pulse, the best news reader/rss feed ever.

Firefox 4 to be released March 22, will it beat IE9? (Download Squad)

Mar 17th 2011 10:22AM I'm pretty sure that the reason IE9 only supports Vista and 7 is DX10/11. IE9 uses them (it?) for its gpu based web acceleration, if I am not mistaken... which I might be. But I thought i remember reading that somewhere...

Internet Explorer 9 downloaded 2.3 million times in first day; Firefox 3 managed 8 million! (Download Squad)

Mar 16th 2011 5:45PM @Neoprimal True. Though i have to say that IE9 has replaced FF4 as my backup. FF takes so long to boot it's silly. IE 9 is almost as fast as Chrome on my M11x.

Internet Explorer 9 downloaded 2.3 million times in first day; Firefox 3 managed 8 million! (Download Squad)

Mar 16th 2011 5:04PM I think there is a significant reason to upgrade; security.
IE9 is much more secure than 8, and being an integrated component of the OS, I think that keeping it as up to date is extremely important.

That being said, w/o a built in spell check and no real addons means that my internet browsing experience will not be affected by upgrading or not.

Google Chrome logo updated, now flatter, cuter and more balanced (pictures) (Download Squad)

Mar 16th 2011 9:01AM I see WHY they are doing it: Chrome is supposed to be simple and as un-flashy as possible in terms of
That being said, I liked the somewhat cyborgy, Biobooster Armor Guyver-esque orb better. Ah well. Who cares. I run my windows 7 taskbar in small mode, so I cannot tell the difference anyway.