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How to surf the web even if Internet Explorer is disabled (Download Squad)

Jan 3rd 2008 7:54PM Well, sometimes they do... ;)

I mean sure, there's a perfectly reasonable justification for blocking certain computers from Internet access, but I have gone years without ever seeing a single reason to lock down a client workstation from all Internet access. Every kiosk in the region has the *sole* purpose of web browsing. Hell, our department's primary management system is completely web-based...I would be shocked if someone even suggested the idea.

Anyway, my point isn't to suggest that maybe *you're* doing it just for "gits and shiggles", but if that is in fact the case, don't brag about it. That kind of attitude is a one-way ticket to having a whole department or school or office staring down their noses at you...and whoever replaces you...and whoever replaces them when they resign from the stress of being hated so damn much.

IT admins are the Homeland Security of the office...they're handed sweeping authority over the thing sitting on your desk that you use for 8 hours a day. If that authority ever finds itself abused, you could go years without somebody smiling at you in the hallway.