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SuperOneClick is an easy way to root almost any Android phone (Download Squad)

Oct 18th 2010 6:49PM anybody know if this will work with the motorola cliq xt

Google Image Search gets a new look, becomes even more useful (Download Squad)

Sep 9th 2010 9:25PM people use google for one reason and one reason only , they use it for the simple uncluttered interface , and now that that is going away ... lets see how long google lasts .... we are doomed to live in a world of giant corporations with no ears ... they dont care that we hate it , they dont get WHY we hate it and they wont change it till googles share holders start pulling their money out of it .... i haven't used yahoo in at least 10 years but i just switched back , and im not missing google even a little bit ... it's unlikely that ill ever use google again

iTunes 10 introduces Ping social network for music (and a new logo!) (Download Squad)

Sep 1st 2010 4:04PM leave it to steve jobs to figure out how to add more bloat to itunes .... i dont want a social network in my music syncing software ... im already pissed that i cant even sync my ipod with out it calling home to tell steve what im doing ... not to mention the fact that itunes constantly has a process running in the background that cant be set to not run at startup .... i want steve out of my computer .... i can understand that when i want to shop the itunes store i need to be connected but why cant i even sync with out steve geting the memo about what im doing and knowing exactly what i have on my ipod , it's annoying

mark my words ... social networking in itunes is going to lead to accounts being hacked , viruses and peoples credit card info being stolen ...

social networking in a music program is as smart as when google integrated their buzz social network into g-mail and compromised millions of peoples security by making their e-mail addresses public by default

Buzz was just for starters -- here comes Google Me (look out Facebook, lock up your daughters, etc.) (Download Squad)

Jun 29th 2010 12:28PM the question is ... will Google be the jackasses that they are and tie this to our personal e-mail accounts and choose our friends for us and automatically opt us in without our consent ..like their epic blunder with BUZZ .... before buzz i was a diehard google user , im still so pissed off at google for adding me to a service that i did NOT want , then sharing my personal address book with strangers , then making it so that even if i dont use their service strangers can follow me by default without my permission ... that i barely use any google products anymore ....

Microsoft Security Essentials rated best free antivirus for Windows (Download Squad)

Oct 31st 2009 8:21PM i installed this today against my better judgment on the advice of leo laporte ... i immediatly hate it and will be uninstalling it tomorrow .... the first thing it did was change my computers settings to automatically download and install microsoft udates which happened right in the middle of me trying to edit some video so my puter locked up and needed to be rebooted ( old laptop with 1.1gig and 256 ram) ..... yes i know its a good idea to download the updates , and i do , but i do it on MY time when im not in the middle of a cpu intensive process ... that just pisses me off how they just decided to make changes to the configuration of my computer without my knowledge or consent ( i consider that malware ) .... i decided to find out what else microsoft decided was best for me , and found out that as long as this software is installed that i am a part of the spynet network where they collect information about me and my computer and upload it to their servers at any time they feel like ... it clearly says microsoft may unintentionally collect private and personal information about you , but we wont use it against you ... you can not opt out of this service that right there is the defintion of SPYWARE ... i should have know that the single company that is the reason we even need antivirus in the first place , because they cant build a secure system , would be a poor choice to protect my computer from people taking over my computer and downloading personal and private info on me ... which is what this stupid product does

RIAA not suing over CD ripping, still kinda being jerks about it (Engadget)

Jan 1st 2008 1:24AM to charles "I really don't understand the hatred towards the RIAA. Granted they say some really stupid stuff but they only ever go after people who are illegally stealing music " ..... so the 70 year old couple that they sued that didnt even own a computer were guilty of downloading mp3's ?

have you ever had your cell phone play a ring tone when you were out in public where someone else could hear it ? by the riaa's definition that is an un autherized exibition of copyrighted material and you could be sued ....

ever sang karaoki ? that is an unautherized reproduction of copyrighted material and some one can be sued ... ascap and other companys and persuing all club owners now to get royalty payments for any live entertainment that they ever have...

by the riaa's definition ... if you walk down the street whistling a tune that can be recognised , then that is an unautherised reproduction of copyrighted material and you need to pay licensing fees ...

to answer your question why do we all hate the riaa ... because if they could sue you for thinking of a song they will do it ... they are blood sucking lawers that dont give one shit about music or your rights as an american citizen they just want your money