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Verizon Motorola Sholes not running MOTOBLUR? (Engadget)

Oct 6th 2009 5:50PM @Nobody: The XBox 360 isn't running an open-source OS, so your comparison doesn't really stand. The devices on Verizon will be hacked/rooted almost immediately, mark my words.

Engadget's recession antidote: win one of four OCZ 16GB SDHC cards! (Engadget)

May 26th 2009 12:19PM Oh man, this would be sweet for my G1!

T-Mobile USA starts pushing Android 1.5 to G1 owners (update: not yet) (Engadget)

May 22nd 2009 11:56AM I can confirm that Documents to Go works fine on 1.5. Most popular apps are now either Cupcake compatible, or have seperate Cupcake versions.

ColoRotate: 3D color palette creator and CS4 plugin (Download Squad)

May 15th 2009 1:40PM How is this different from Adobe's own Kuler? Seems pretty similar to me, and all CS4 programs already support it.

Engadget's recession antidote: win a 1.5TB Drobo! (Engadget)

Mar 24th 2009 3:52PM Drobos are awesome!

General Mobile Android-based dual SIM DSTL1 to hit Barcelona (Engadget)

Jan 27th 2009 2:04PM No 3G specified, no GPS specified, smaller and lower resolution than the G1, no hardware keyboard...I'll keep my G1, thanks.

Engadget Giveaway: win a Cowon S9 PMP! (Engadget)

Jan 26th 2009 8:26PM Hope I win!