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2012 Audi A7 to start at $59,250,* configurator live (Autoblog)

Apr 4th 2011 3:30PM dude look up B&O's stuff, they sell a 1GB mp3 player for something like $2k and a 12.787inch lcd screen for $7262781k

Report: Ahmadinejad's tired 1977 Peugeot 504 draws $1M bid (Autoblog)

Jan 9th 2011 5:02PM Guys Aryan is a persian name, like mine which is Arash, and doesn't mean he is actually a believer in Aryan race, Even the word "Iran" means place of Aryans in persian.

However on this situation i should comment that Aryan or not he is an obvious idiot, Ahmadinejhad reaalllly really denies that action.

And a comment on the 504: I remember 504s from my childhood, maybe its 10 years since the last time that i saw one of them in streets of Tehran. I love the ones with sunroof, really a classic car, a piece of history.

Happy 25th birthday, Windows! (Download Squad)

Nov 20th 2010 7:11AM Love you Win

The top Windows Phone 7 app -- YouTube -- is just a website shortcut (Download Squad)

Nov 14th 2010 12:03AM Yeah really didn't expect something like this from downloadsquad, they could at least call josh at engadget to check, if you dont install youtube app you cant watch youtube videos, and if you download it you can, theres also other youtube apps for WP7 in marketplace which will work like just any other youtube apps but they still need this first youtube app(the plugin) to be installed

HTML5 Studio is yet another HTML5 showcase, this time by Google (Download Squad)

Aug 17th 2010 9:09PM haha, after those IE9 samples its kinda Meh

NASA challenge searches for a solar-powered 'Night Rover' (Engadget)

Aug 17th 2010 8:21PM @tenio I'm crying from your stupidity, deciding to sue you for it

NASA challenge searches for a solar-powered 'Night Rover' (Engadget)

Aug 17th 2010 8:19PM @Wade McGillis REALLY?

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type puts a touchscreen on your Series 40 featurephone (Engadget)

Aug 17th 2010 4:28PM @lemonicetea I just remembered Topolsky's interview with one of nokia's man when he asked about Android possibility in noika phones and the nokia's person replied that android have some of its own issues and its destiny is not in nokia's hands, and when i heard Oracle suing google i just laughed, Oracle for sure will not go after chinese android fake manufacturers but for nokia its a critical issue, cause oracle sure would like to see them in court too. ALSO MeeGo is way better than android, in every aspect

Xbox Live launch titles for Windows Phone 7 finally revealed, we've got the full preview (Engadget)

Aug 17th 2010 2:37PM @Shooter McGavin Wait what? winmo lacked customization? you're the first person in history to say that