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London restaurant claims fame with touch-sensitive tables, colorful menu projectors (Engadget)

Oct 8th 2008 8:02AM The future is here, and it's not an iPhone - it's a big-ass table.

(with um, food on it)

Reggie Fils-Aime denies Wii HD rumor (Engadget)

Oct 7th 2008 3:22PM Well, at least they aren't claiming to have the smallest or fastest _____ in the world, or something.. unlike other co's. Most paranoid.. sure.. you can have that one, Nintendo.. nobody wanted that one anyway.

Moo0 Right Clicker Powers up Your Context Menu (Download Squad)

Oct 1st 2008 6:36AM No x64 support = a large barrel of fail.

Canon's SX10 IS 20x wide-angle zoom and 14.7 megapixel G10 (Engadget)

Sep 17th 2008 8:42AM I got excited there, for a second, but then I looked closer and realized they *hadn't* brought the flip-out LCD back to the G-series. =/ I think this will go down in history as one of the lamest G-series revisions... more MP.. is Canon insane?.. I already wish my G9 had *less* MP, so that the ISO levels wouldn't suck as much.

Sony reluctantly pledges to enter netbook market, pouts (Engadget)

Sep 16th 2008 6:13PM Netbooks ARE a race to the bottom. Sony makes some of the finest (though overpriced) ultra-portable laptops in the industry, so it makes sense they aren't exactly super-motivated to make sucky ones.

Your netbook is adorable! I'd pet it, but I'm too busy WORKING on my ThinkPad x61!

Shure introduces $99 SE102MPA stereo headset (Engadget)

Sep 2nd 2008 2:50PM I know what you mean, man. If my $300+ Sennheiser's were only wireless, then I'm sure they'd sound at least 10 times better!

Chandler wants to set you free from Outlook, takes 6 years to do it (Download Squad)

Aug 14th 2008 4:37PM "You can sync your Chandler tasks with an online server and share them with others"

And how is that different from Outlook, using an Exchange server?

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