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Score an invite to the private beta of iubo (Download Squad)

Jan 20th 2008 6:54AM I'd like to try it out. Thanks.

Advanced WindowsCare v2: Repair, protect, and optimize your PC (Download Squad)

Jan 16th 2008 3:51AM Thank you Download squad. My husband's computer had over 30,000 errors that this program has now eradicated. He is forever in your debt!

The Google Docs Divide (Download Squad)

Dec 23rd 2007 7:21AM I'm a teacher and am going to introduce my students to google docs. I see it as a fabulous way to enable group work to take place. We could have four students working on a document at home providing they have access to the internet. No more excuses about the project being saved on someone's computer and no-one else being able to access it when that person is away. I think it opens up many possibilities in educational settings.