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Rockbox could rock the Zune open source-style (Download Squad)

Nov 30th 2006 9:15PM huh, the zune might end up producing the perfect storm for awesomely cheap portable devices:

1. Zune fails because it is a piece of shit, goes on sale for next to nothing.
2. New firmware gets put out for zune, enables all sorts of cool features revolving around the wifi.
3. ????

Xbox movie downloads, take that Apple (Download Squad)

Nov 9th 2006 7:18PM "DSL" here meaning standard 1.5 mbps down DSL that every joe blow has.

Xbox movie downloads, take that Apple (Download Squad)

Nov 9th 2006 7:17PM 60 minutes of HD-res-size usually clocks in around 700mb in scene releases, meaning that you could pick up a compressed HD movie on cable in under an hour -- on DSL maybe an hour and a half.

Don't tell me people won't be satisfied with lossy HD downloads either, considering itunes uses 128kbit aac.

Evolution: Outlook replacement, now for Windows (Download Squad)

Nov 6th 2006 4:11PM This sentence:

I'm no lawyer, but I know in my gut when something feels wrong, and this feels wrong.

Should really read like this:

I know in my gut when something feels wrong, and this feels wrong, but I'm no lawyer.

looks like your "editor" goofed again.

Endless pages: Ditching the "Next" button (Download Squad)

Nov 2nd 2006 6:13PM anything that departs that much from a user's expectations is doomed to failure unless it is implemented in a way that seems natural -- endless scrolling is not it, imho.

Speed up Firefox with Firetune... (Download Squad)

Oct 24th 2006 6:10PM fasterfox has occasionally been blocked by websites due to the way it prefetched links. annoying. i removed it shortly after that. haven't seen too much of a diff.

Real-time HTML editor helps coding and learning (Download Squad)

Sep 25th 2006 8:08PM Yeah, another great example of the cluelessness of Ryan Carter. Dude, just about *every* serious web developer hand-codes. I don't know any that don't. *Some* might use dreamweaver, but they'll use it in Code view 90% of the time.

Meanwhile, "designers" aren't going to be doing much with python or ruby ... *developers* might, but not designers.

*Writers* and *editors* (supposedly, you are one of these) use CMSes. Designers/developers might install or write templates for them, but they're not using a CMS to generate the design of the site.

If you want to be a respected technical writer at least spend five minutes educating yourself or fact-checking your blurbs before you post them.

Firefox Flicks winners announced: Wheee! (Download Squad)

May 5th 2006 8:17PM whoa, twins!

ah, homogenuous entertainment producers. guess every upper middle class white boy who doesn't know how to dress has the same dream.

TaskbarPP - Reorder Programs on the Taskbar (Download Squad)

Dec 29th 2005 3:38PM pretty cool. for those who don't read instructions, like me, you need to hold down the "ALT" key over the toolbar until it changes to a hand in order to move stuff around.

6500 Free TrueType Fonts (Download Squad)

Dec 15th 2005 2:47PM these days YOU know that mixing as many fonts as possible on one layout is bad. Unless you were using the royal "we".