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Docs for Facebook adds full text document search, PDF support, user templates, and bulk uploads (Download Squad)

Oct 14th 2010 9:22PM Actually Nick... they do support both of those file formats. If you'd tried it, you would know this.

New plugin brings HTML5 video support to Internet Explorer (Download Squad)

Feb 23rd 2010 12:20AM "Plus" Going by all the crap happening around the spec of HTML5, it will not become official until something like 2015!! Seriously, if people actually stopped "jumping on the HTML5 bandwagon" and actually read the sh*tstorm going down over HTML5 by the actual designers... they'd quickly realise its not going to be here any time soon!

Windows Mobile 6.6 (aka 'not Windows Mobile 7') set for February release? (Engadget)

Jan 14th 2010 6:35PM @LAY you can change the buttons to almost anything... the wizards at XDA have ALL SORTS of replacements.

HTC HD2 review (Engadget)

Nov 26th 2009 3:07AM I've got a HD2 and I did EXACTLY the same things on my HD2 that Josh did on their one in the video. Um, the music app loaded in one second on my phone.

I've re-read Josh's review twice now and I still don't understand what he's getting at about lag - I haven't had any. Or about the WM UI... sure its not pretty but its still functional and in reality thats all that matters. Also in reality, you almost NEVER see the WM stuff anyways.

As for those "automatically" dissing a 1GHz CPU in a phone... I get three days out of my phone with heavy use - obviously its heavy because I've only had it for two weeks so I'm still in "playtime" phase :-)

So in all honesty, NOTHING that Josh has written above is NORMAL. This is an AWESOME phone and it works very well.

HTC HD2 review (Engadget)

Nov 26th 2009 2:53AM @(Unverified) You honestly won't regret it. They are a great phone!. You honestly won't see the original WM UI every day. Engadget are just being extremely picky about stuff you don't do day-to-day or even week-to-week.

HTC HD2 can be coaxed into doing 802.11n, if you know how to sweet-talk it (Engadget)

Nov 24th 2009 6:31AM For those looking for a review of the HD2 here's a good overview of pretty much everything including videos etc etc


HTC HD2 can be coaxed into doing 802.11n, if you know how to sweet-talk it (Engadget)

Nov 24th 2009 6:12AM There are already PLENTY of HD2 reviews on the 'net - that thankfully don't have Engadget's pro-iPhone bias.

The HTC HD2 is a SERIOUSLY great phone. I've had mine for two weeks now and my wife wants one already!! She's already put her iPhone up for sale.

HTC HD2 can be coaxed into doing 802.11n, if you know how to sweet-talk it (Engadget)

Nov 24th 2009 6:09AM @Ike Turner You do realise its an extremely small percentage of the first production run phones that MAY have this problem.

I have a HD2/Leo from the first production run and its camera works absolutely perfectly

Fishbowl is a kick-ass Facebook client for Windows 7 (Download Squad)

Nov 23rd 2009 3:27AM @Jason and Lars... this is *definitely* the Silverlight app that was demo'ed at PDC last week.

@Matt - 30 minutes to install??? Sorry, I never experienced that myself. Only took a minute or so to install and get running for me.

Toshiba shows off slate of smartphone prototypes at CEATEC (video) (Engadget)

Oct 8th 2009 12:01AM @glenskey - MS and Toshiba are partners... along with LG, Sharp, HTC, Samsung, etc etc. All these form factors and diffrent manufacturers is *just one* reason why WinMo sells a LOT per month around the *world*