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5 Movie Characters Who Should Have Died, But Didn't (Cinematical)

Apr 27th 2010 2:06PM re. rubber raft - mythbusters looked at this and concluded it was survivable....

'Right One' Has Wrong Subtitles? (Cinematical)

Mar 25th 2009 11:55AM As a deaf person I already have a list of sources or DVD versions I will not buy/rent/view because the captions/subtitles are so reliably bad or missing.

Magnolia is now added to the list.

Soda - Kick the Addiction and Lose Lots of Weight (That's Fit)

Jan 14th 2009 11:38AM I seriously doubt the artificial sweeteners, many of which have been linked to carcinogens, mean that diet sodas are any better a choice than regular soda.

Finally! We find out what Oscar is so mad about - VIDEO (AOL TV)

Dec 12th 2008 3:54PM thank you - good to know that I am not the only one out there being left out in the rush to web videos that completely ignore users with disabilities.

There are some pretty disturbing trends out there that have the potential to erase some of the progress that has been made to make media accessible to all, such as the many HD channels that refuse to broadcast closed captions and the aforementioned trend to online video.

SnapStream adds placeshifting to BeyondTV PVR software (Download Squad)

Sep 10th 2008 1:18PM All the software based PVRs are useless as none of them support closed captions in recordings. It is perfectly possible to do - they just don't care, including Snapstream and Myth.

Fantastic New Clip from 'The Incredible Hulk'! (Cinematical)

May 23rd 2008 3:51PM please don't link to videos not available outside the US without at least noting that that is the case.

Get me all excited then get that fucking stupid "copyright prevents showing outside of US" shit.

Do us all a favor - don't link to such streams so that they can all die a quiet whimpering death.

Listaculous: tabbed to-do lists on the web (Download Squad)

Apr 8th 2008 11:40AM It's available at iGoogle? Search turns up nothing.

Media Portal II: Open source Windows Media Center replacement take 2 (Download Squad)

Dec 18th 2007 12:19PM no "media center" software or PVR software has any value until it transparently and by default supports closed captions - and there is not a single one out there that does. Very disappointing.